Today was our first day with a full schedule. Since we are still new and getting used to it, we had a few less patients than typically scheduled. I saw 8 patients today (the maximum I’ve ever seen at my other sites was 4-5 and that was a busy day). So, we’ll probably be seeing quite a few more next week than we did this week…but I am soooo tired already and ran behind schedule today. We didn’t leave until 6pm today and that was only because the hospital alarm goes off if anyone leaves the building past 6pm apparently lol. We probably would have stayed longer if we could, so that we could finish charting and looking up files for Monday.

Pauline and I have been getting lost pretty much every day to and from clinic. >_< The route is literally just going straight the entire way, and yet we still get lost. We both have no sense of direction, although I think she’s worse than I am…and that’s saying a lot :p . The streets here are very long, a lot of them are only 1 or 2 lanes, and it’s about a 20-30 min drive. So I tend to space out while driving, but since everything looks the same and there aren’t really any stores or landmarks, I end up missing the turn I’m supposed to take haha.

On the bright side, gas is cheap in Arizona. Lol.