Catherine (other roommate) moved in today. Her original living arrangements did not work out, and my place had 3 bedrooms anyway. Ironically we had asked Catherine long ago if she wanted to join our 3-bedroom condo, but she declined because she had found her apartment beforehand and already paid the deposit. It turns out that her apartment was having electrical issues (no power), so the landlady had to put Catherine in a hotel. On top of that, the area in general was apparently very janky and unsafe (it’s more downtown).

My condo is in a more resort-like area with just old, retired people. The drive is pretty far from our condo to Catherine’s clinic, but our fully furnished condo is very nice and in a really safe area for a very cheap price, so she was ecstatic to live here. She had been living in hotels for the last week while looking for new housing and waiting for news on my condo. Pauline and her husband are the ones in touch with the lady leasing the condo to us (they were the ones who signed the paperwork), so it was their decision as well and they preferred making it official with the landlady, rather than having Catherine unofficially subleasing under us. That took a bit of time, but everything is settled now.

In addition to helping Catherine out, I think it’ll be a good thing because rent is even cheaper with an additional person, and I really like her (we were already friends) so I think we’ll have fun.

After Catherine moved in (not much stuff to bring in since her car is a small two-seater and she could only fit so much stuff), we went out to lunch at.a brewery and went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s while she was buzzed haha (I was DD :p ). Later in the evening I went out to dinner with the entire apartment (Pauline, her husband, Catherine). Hopefully this is the beginning of a smooth quarter with everyone.