Our attending doctor was sick today so we ended up not seeing any of our patients. We had to cancel their appointments and expect to be double-booked in the following days to come. T_T We used nearly 4 hrs this morning to get prepared for the rest of the week, looking up patient information. We also got caught up in tracking all of the patients we’ve encountered so far (our program requires logging in all patient encounters and requires at least 1000 of them before graduation).

After that, we got to go home early, which was very nice. I relaxed at home, took a nap (since I had a terrible sleep last night), and did a bit of studying. I had a terrible sleep last night. My roommate burnt some toast, leaving the apartment a little smokey, so my other roommate opened the patio door to air out the apartment. Well, a lovely little friend (aka horrible flying bug) came into the house. With my luck, I guess he went into my room. When I was falling asleep for the night, I heard a very loud BUUUUUZZ near my ears!!! It happened multiple times last night and kept startling me. T_T And around 3am my neighbor upstairs was stomping around!!! UGH.

To put a cute little cherry on top, I woke up this morning to three very itchy bug bites on my hands and arms.