We’ve been hitting the road around 7am to get to clinic early and get prepared for the day. Today was the first time we saw such a pretty sunrise. The sunrises here seem to be a bit of orange and purple. Never seen purple with a sunrise back at home in California.

Sunrise – Orange-y

Sunrise – Purpley

I totally got a kids meal at a popular fast food chain in Arizona called Eegee’s. I had no idea it would come in a bucket. Aren’t the characters adorable?! ^_^

Kids Meal

After getting dinner with a classmate and my roommate, I went to a cafe to study a little bit. It was a great environment for studying, besides the dim lighting. Lots of people drinking their coffees and chatting quietly or people getting work done. I’m hoping to go back again. It’s a nice environment change from studying (and falling asleep) at home.