Today was President’s Day, and since I work at a government hospital, we had Monday off (whoo hoo!). Boy does it feel amazing to wake up and then go back to sleep – without setting an alarm for a definite time to wake up at. I typically sleep late enough & it is quiet enough at my apartment to sleep without earplugs…and then when I wake up in the morning & want to sleep in, I’ve learned to put in earplugs to block out my roommates banging around in the kitchen, the loud carwash going off across the street, neighbors running around upstairs, etc. I wonder how it will be at my next apartment. Hopefully noise won’t be an issue, but trusty earplugs will be at my side, lol.

Today I made a gnocchi w/ shrimp lunch (thanks to my homie Trader Joe’s lol). I’m trying not to buy any more food since my last day will be next Wednesday before leaving Tucson.

Also made a trip to Costco (borrowed my roommate’s card since she’s out of town & I don’t have membership. Luckily we are both Asian and they didn’t check for my ID at all haha) & bought 3 miscellaneous things:

  1. A package of 2 bralettes: if you are a gal and haven’t tried out bralettes before, you’re missing out! Sooo comfy without the constriction of underwire. It does depend on the construction of the bralette & your size though.
  2. Some instant packages of Starbucks coffee: my attending doctor loves coffee. She can down three cups of coffee in one day with zero effect. I’m putting together a little gift package to give her before I finish my externship and I figured she’d appreciate some instant coffee during desperate times haha.
  3. Low-cut sock liners: I have exactly enough to last me the week, but I realized I’m stuck wearing no socks when I don’t do my laundry often enough. I have a pair of Tieks that I absolutely love and wear every single day, but they can no longer be worn without socks due to my feet stinking them up every day haha. Costco has a huge pack of 12 pairs so I think I’ve got my socks covered ;P

Afterwards, I went to a new coffee shop to get a little bit of work done and sip on a tasty javaccino.

Cozy Cafe

It was a relaxing Monday. All very mundane but very relaxing. Just a reminder that I can still function and still be content. I remember one of my favorite YouTubers saying when you’re depressed, just taking a shower and getting out of the house can be the day’s battle. Happiness is relative.

My drive home from the cafe. It’s been raining the past few days.