I’ve been sick this week and today I’ve been mostly sleeping in my bed. I woke up in the evening and checked my phone, only to notice it was a little hard to read the text on my phone. My vision was a little off, kind of like when you stand up too quickly and feel like everything is swimming around. It was sort of like a zigzag structure coming from the right periphery of my vision down towards the center of my vision. This YouTube video is not exactly what I saw, but the shape and orientation of the zigzag is exactly the same! It was much more subtle than the rainbow/black color in the video. The outline of the zigzag was very shiny and glittery and flashing. Where the zigzag was, it made my vision kind of cloudy and hard to see, as if you just woke up and rubbed your eyes. It must have gone away in 10 minutes and everything was back to normal again. So strange!

At first I thought I was having a retinal detachment because of the flashing I was seeing. I closed one eye and then the other but it didn’t go away so it was in both eyes (not likely to be a retinal detachment). Luckily I’ve had patients before who described to me what their ocular migraines looked like. Had I not been aware, I think I would have seriously freaked out way more than I did.

Apparently migraines can be commonly caused by congested sinuses. I’ve been super congested recently so that makes sense!