Today after I finished work, I headed over to a facility that performs LASIK eye surgeries for a presentation (it counts as continuing education credits which is great since we need a certain amount of hours to keep our licenses). We also got to witness a live LASIK procedure on a patient.

I remember I was given the opportunity to watch a live LASIK procedure when I used to work at a receptionist/assistant at an eye doctor’s office, but I didn’t actually go. And now I had the opportunity to watch it as an eye doctor! It feels great to acknowledge that!

The prep time takes a while since the patient is given some anti-anxiety medication to calm them down, but the actual surgery is lightning fast. There is preparation in equipment and transition time between steps, but the actual laser to take off layers of cornea (which is what helps correct vision instead of having to wear glasses or contact lenses) takes literally seconds. Very cool to finally see it in live action!