Today was the first time I’ve ever attended a “virtual rave” online from my couch lol! A virtual Nocturnal Wonderland hosted by Pasquale from Insomniac. Pretty cool that they’re doing this. I love how all the DJs are wearing masks and gloves. They even have “Disinfecto” cleaning the DJ table in between sets lol!!!

Pork tacos with pickled onions and Mexican rice

In other news, I ordered some materials from Joann so that we could make some reusable masks. It’s been hard getting any supplies. I had to order maybe 3-4 separate times due to them running out of stock and canceling my order multiple times. In the end I got less than half of the supplies I ordered. Better than nothing. I did a curbside pick up today and asked my mom if she wanted to come with me. She did not hesitate in saying yes haha. Although it was a sad order that I picked up (only 3 items were in stock), at least my mom and I were able to get out of the house by driving around in the car. It’s crazy to think it’s gotten bad enough that driving around in our cars feels like a breath of fresh air and freedom.

I’ve been cooking a little more often these days since I’m just at home. I made meatloaf a while back and recently made pork tacos with pickled onions and Mexican rice. The story behind the Mexican rice is we had purchased 2 bags of rice online for delivery; we’re used to eating steamed jasmine rice and had a huge shock when we tried eating these bags of rice in the same way. Horrible tasting lol. So I learned how to cook Mexican rice properly and it was pretty good! So much better than the dry and bland and disgusting rice we had the other day ha. Today, I made chicken marsala. I wonder what will be my next recipe!