A menstrual cup is a reusable product that is typically made of medical-grade silicone and catches menstrual blood inside instead of absorbing it like a tampon or pad.


It was a long journey of initial failure but I have finally found my holy grail, my goldilocks cup! I purchased the Ultucup, which can also be found under other companies such as: Casco, Green Cup of Maine, Hesta, Mahina, V-Cup, EverCup, etc. Apparently Casco Bay Molding is the main manufacturer and sells the cups to different private companies.

Thank the heavens I finally found this cup!!!

I purchased 4 other menstrual cups that just didn’t work for me. My first cup was the Saalt soft cup. I tried the PeachlifeĀ soft cup due to its ringed stem. I tried both sizes of the Lily cup (both sizes). I purchased all of these cups with my own money in my quest for the perfect one that would work for me. Here are my thoughts on each cup:

Saalt is just way too short for my super high cervix. It led to some slightly traumatic times in the bathroom with me trying desperately to remove it. I had no idea my cervix was so high up; this is key finding in determining what cup would work best. I also had a lot of trouble getting the Saalt soft cup to open up upon insertion. I will say the quality of the cup itself was very good and their customer support & Facebook support group is extremely wonderful. You do feel like you have a support team with you every step of the way.

Peachlife has an awesome ring as the stem which made removal leagues easier. It gives you something to easily grab at. However, due to the firmness and shape of the cup (I chose their softest cup), my urine flow was completely obstructed when I tested out the cup. That really scared me so I didn’t attempt it again. The thought of having to remove and insert with every single pee break seemed a huge hassle. This cup was questionable in my opinion since it is not registered with the FDA. It’s cheaper than other cups. I originally decided to give it a try since there was even a 40% discount on top of the reasonable price due to COVID-19. It was basically $12 including shipping so at least I didn’t feel like I lost much. Regular pricing is about $20.

Lily cup is honestly the best designed and quality cup out of all the cups I’ve tried. The quality of the silicone feels extremely premium – velvety and smooth to touch. Very soft in terms of firmness so it’s extremely comfortable to insert. Unfortunately, because it is so soft, I think that caused issues for me in terms of the cup failing to open up properly after insertion and leaking. The long length was extremely helpful for my anatomy and the hefty stem makes it more sturdy for gripping & removal. I just couldn’t get the cup to work (likely issues w/ the cup fully opening up). I purchased both size A and size B, but unfortunately I still had to wear pads to catch half of my flow, which defeated the purpose of using a cup.

Enter the Ultucup! Not quite as long as the Lily but long enough so that when I bear down with my pelvic muscles, the cup is within reach. The silicone feels like high quality. The cup is not as soft as the Lily but still softer than the other cups in my opinion. Its firmness is perfect to keep it comfortable but still open up easily after insertion. The shape fits my anatomy well since it is narrow and long.

The stem does not aid too much in removal and acts more as a guide, since it is a very small, smooth nub. However, that also makes the cup more comfortable for me, especially if the cup tilts inside of me and causes the stem to poke at an angle. I guess I’m tilted down there because the stem often points to my right side! With the smooth nub, it’s not a problem at all. The things you learn about yourself, haha.

The 4 air holes are a great size: not too big and not too small (smaller is harder to clean).

The rim helps create a good seal but it (personally) doesn’t create any discomfort or impede on urine flow.

There are no seams in the silicone that would cause any discomfort or irritation.

Last time I checked, the Ultucup company has a 3 cycle guarantee where if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll be able to get a refund! That was initially what sealed the deal for me since it felt like I wasn’t going to sink more money into failed cups.

I highly recommend the Ultucup to those who have a high cervix and have had issues with other cups. The Ultucup is the perfect middle ground between a cup that’s too short or too long, and a cup that’s too stiff or too soft.

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