I’ve switched over to using menstrual cups instead of pads and tampons. Here are the things I love about it, and why you might love it too!

  1. Less environmental waste! The menstrual cup is a reusable medical grade item. It’s insane to think about how much waste in tampons and pads I’ve had within my lifetime so far.
  2. I don’t have to spend money on any more menstrual products!!! I no longer have to purchase any pads or tampons (I still have a lot of extras from before my menstrual cup).
  3. No more “wet diaper” sensations with wearing a pad.
  4. I’m no longer wondering in a panic if it’s too late or too soon to change my pad/tampon. The cup gives me more leeway (anywhere from 5 to 12 hours depending on how heavy my flow is), which completely beats having to worry about a pad/tampon every hour or two.
  5. I don’t have to worry about TSS as much as I would with a tampon (tampons recommend 8 hours of wear max). That means I don’t have to jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom if I want to stay in bed longer.
  6. No more pulling out a scratchy and dry tampon if I end up removing it too soon before it’s saturated with blood. That can actually cause micro-abrasions in your vagina.
  7. It doesn’t dry me out like a tampon does, since the menstrual cup collects blood from the cervix rather than absorbing it (tampons also absorb your vaginal secretions as well!). I didn’t realize we have vaginal secretions along the walls too…I used to think everything came from up the cervix!
  8. I don’t have to worry about frequent leaking. I only leak when my cup is full.
  9. I don’t have to waddle in the shower trying to avoid blood dripping before I dry off and put on underwear (I don’t like wearing tampons when I shower).
  10. On that same note, I don’t have to deal with finishing my shower, turning off the water, and then having to turn the water on again to rinse off the blood on my legs because I coincidentally started bleeding again before I could step out of the shower. So annoying!
  11. I no longer have to wear a giant overnight pad with a backup towel underneath.
  12. No more packing a purse full of pads & tampons and tucking a few extra in my coat for good measure.
  13. If I have to travel, I no longer have to bring a huge stash of pads/tampons “just in case” in my luggage.
  14. I no longer have a stinky trashcan full of used menstrual products.
  15. Less toilet paper usage in the bathroom during my period. It’s extremely clean (aka no blood when I wipe) unless I have to empty my cup (which in that case, I can just rinse everything off with water. No excess TP needed).
  16. No more “period smell” (even after showering) due to my private bits sitting in blood for hours.
  17. Less toxic for my body. I don’t have to worry about pads or tampons, which are normally treated with bleach, chemicals, etc.
  18. I’m more comfortable during my period since I don’t feel like I’m wearing a diaper with a pad or have to tuck away a tampon string.
  19. I can gather extremely specific details about my period if needed…my cup has measurement lines to see how many ounces or milliliters I’m bleeding. I can also see the consistency (liquid vs clotting) of my blood.
  20. The sense of camaraderie and empowerment within the menstrual cup community is amazing. Everyone is just so supportive. Everyone wants you to be successful (so many people are willing to help you troubleshoot and get it right) and encourages you to be confident with your body & period! Once you get into the cup life, it’s super exciting and you just want to tell everyone about it!

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