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Long time blogger: Most of the extremely old posts from 2003 and such were initially written at, but when I finally decided to move to my own hosted WordPress blog, I manually copied and pasted diaryland posts into my new WordPress blog (that took a LOT of willpower). I wrote a lot of rubbish back then, but that’s to be expected…I was around 13 years old! It’s nice to see how much my maturity and writing styles have changed (I think it’d be an issue if they haven’t!). So here I am today with my lovely WordPress blog with blog posts dating back to ’03 (although most of them are on private).

Why do I blog? I have always found blogging to be very relaxing and therapeutic. Regarding what I post on this site, it’s like any other blog; I will post my thoughts and ideas. It can vary from a boring recap for my day, or a reflection on something in my life, or an opinion I decided to write about, tips I wanted to give people, random stuff like that. Why do I have a blog? Self-expression, self-exploration, a link to the outer world, and a documentation of my life to look back on someday. Because I use this blog to write for mainly myself, I will sometimes make my blog entries password protected or private. Can’t be an open book all the time!

WordPress Lover: I’m a very proud user of WordPress. Why? They’ve got amazing plugins, a lovely user interface, so many options, and everything is just so professional and customizable. If you get the right plugins, ask the right people, or are just knowledgeable in coding, you can do just about anything with WordPress. I must admit, customizing the templates is a huge PAIN if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s still “trial and error” for me even though I’ve been using WordPress for some years now. If anyone is looking for a WordPress tutorial on how to create your own template, I highly recommend this link.

The cute smilies were made into WordPress format by NoktahHitam and he gives credit for smilies to David Lanham.

How I Began Webdesigning:
It’s kind of silly, really. I was a kid when the world of Neopets was new, exciting, and very popular. I logged back in while typing this, and it looks like I joined Neopets in 2002. Wow, it’s unbelievable that Neopets has been thriving for so long and is still standing. Anyway, users on Neopets had the option of customizing their profiles, “shops,” and “guilds,” each of which we could use HTML and CSS on. So that’s where I started learning some coding to make my pages pretty. After getting a basic hold on coding, I started my first webpage, which was a website for my guild.

Then it hit me that I should create my very own personal website. I named it “Pink Mist” and (surprise) decided to give it a pink theme. It had a lot of random stuff about myself and a lot of random content that was supposed to entertain the visitor. I can’t remember too well what my first one was like, but I can vaguely remember a couple of my first layouts and they were pretty terrible. I give my 13 year old self some major props, though, for figuring out how to make my own website (complete with image maps and everything!) while everyone else my age was more interested in watching TV.

I’d say I went through at least 7 free webhosting sites. And the free hosting scene back then was bombarded with tons of ads and slow servers.

One great thing about the personal website community is the amount of generous and friendly people out there. Many personal websites I’ve come across are very open about giving free hosting under their paid hosting plan to those who need it. I had my site hosted by three of such people. I have lost contact with them and their sites do not exist anymore, but I still remember their names. They were Maggi @Star-Song, Mandy @ Rainbow-Dreams/Grunge-Kitty, and Amber @ Grumblebee. I was first hosted by Maggi on April 5th, 2003.

As you can see, I am now on my own at It was the best solution. Really, it was the only solution for me at the time because I had to change hosts every month and I didn’t want to deal with that anymore. My brother bought me hosting from Blue Host and this domain for my birthday, December 22, in 2005. It was a wonderful thing, having my site on a reliable paid host. I made the root directory of a collective, listing all of the many sites I had opened up and maintained.

However, after nearly five quality years with Blue Host, we just can’t really afford $100+ a year for webhosting that I hadn’t really been using even the tiniest fraction of. So I went back to taking advantage of free hosting for 5 years from the wonderfully generous Kya, and I registered the domain name under Namecheap. Currently, I pay for super affordable hosting at OfBlue Hosting.

I used to have a collective and a ton of websites, but I lost time and interest to keep them. Faded Out was fully revamped, with me getting rid of the collective and merging any content I still wished to keep into my blog for simplicity and ease of updating. The one thing I love doing most that I could keep doing for years is blogging. So that was my very long history. Hooray for puttin’ it all down for the records and memories :)

About the Name:
Before Faded Out came about, my website was originally named “Faded Dreams.” Why did I pick Faded Dreams?

Simply put, I just liked the name. Duh. However, I won’t leave you with an explanation as boring as that! I actually had a dream that kind of confirmed my liking for such a name. Here’s the dream:

There was a girl in my dream. It could have possibly been me, but I will refer to her as “she” instead of “I.” She saw his face peering through the shadows. Her heart raced faster and faster. She called out his name, hoping he would step out and confront her. It only resulted in him running away, rustling through the leaves in the damp forest. She pursued him and ran after him, calling his name. He ran swiftly and each time his pace was quicker and quicker. He finally stopped and turned around to face her. She tried to gaze into his eyes but everything became misty and blurry. She saw a last glimpse of his faded face. Everything seemed to fade slowly away…she woke up. It was the end of her faded dream.

Of course, finding a unique domain name can be a little difficult sometimes, and (along with a couple of other extensions) was taken. I went with the next best thing and thought up And here we are! Please note that I thought of when I was 15 years old. I didn’t associate the name with any drug-related meanings. I liked this domain name for its mysteriousness and its slightly pessimistic undertones. The future is always kind of hazy and faded out before you can reach it, and you can never quite reach the end point because there is always more to reach towards. Fadedout has been with me for so long now that it’s become a part of me.