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Since we had a holiday on Monday, my Tuesday 3 hour lab was cancelled today. Which meant that I could go to research lab earlier, and be out earlier in time to go out for dinner before my 7pm night class. Boyfriend took us to get tacos – it’s Taco Tuesday, of course! Not sure if it’s really common knowledge or just popular here (because I live in an area populated by a lot of Mexicans – meaning amazing Mexican restaurants!), but Taco Tuesdays are when taco joints have reduced prices. ^_^

My boyfriend went all out for himself – he ordered 8 tacos. My amount of tacos was half of his. :p These tacos were a good size, too. We had carnitas, chicken, al pastor, and fish tacos. It’s a small, legit taco place that makes really great authentic tacos. Outside of the building is a really cool mural. I couldn’t get the entire thing (it’s missing the guy’s head) because a stupid car was parked in front of it (the parking lot is small, and sometimes people park there even though it’s not a parking spot). -.-


Sometimes this is how I feel. It’s not a great feeling, and everything kind of adds up until you feel overwhelmed. Maybe I should sleep early tonight.

Purple bed sheet and pink paper. Maybe if I didn’t rip the heart, it would be a cute and happy picture. Well, that could be a future photo op. Glue the pieces together again.

Paper Heart

I am an avid bird lover. I love birds so much! I’ve loved them ever since I was a child, when I would spend hours sitting by our glass doors and windows peeking out at little sparrows that would come to our patio. We got a bird feeder and some wild bird seeds so that they would come to our backyard. My mom hated the poop they left on our outdoor chairs, lol.

When I was in middle school, my mom finally caved in and allowed me to have a pair of parakeets. When I first got them, I would pull up a chair to watch their funny behavior and sometimes rest my arm in their age for long periods of time (it was a method of getting them used to my hand – the parakeets I had were not tame). In high school, we brought a cockatiel into our family, and ever since then he still brings laughter and cuteness into our lives. *love* I find birds so fluffy and floofy and cute, and they’re smarter than you would expect. They’ve got interesting behavior, too.

Anyway, while on the road today, we got a tiny bit lost and on our way through this weird road, there were a bunch of street signs – and I noticed that they all had a bird theme!!! I was sooo excited, it was dorkily absurd. :p Since we needed to park to recalibrate our GPS anyways, I pleaded for us to park so I could get pictures of the bird-themed street signs. Here’s what I can remember: Parakeet, Falcon, Nightingale, Teal, Egret, Owl. That is just too cute.

Bird Streets

On Saturday night it was pretty late – past 3am when we started getting hungry and got some tacos as a “post-midnight snack” haha. 2 tacos for 99cents at Jack-in-the-Box. Tasted better than Taco Bell’s crunchy tacos. O_O 2 thin, crunchy tacos really hit the spot! And made me just full enough to not feel stuffed so late (or early??) at night. Good times. When I rolled over in my bed took look at the clock it was already past 4am!

Digital Clock

I finally got a chance to take a picture of this building at school! I never had the chance before because every time I pass by this building, it would be either too dark for a good picture, or too busy for me to take a picture without getting people in the picture (and having them wondering why I’m being a nerd taking a picture of that building :p)

It’s a pretty cool building (it has a lot of biology research labs). Apparently those huge gray things on the sides of the building are gigantic tubes that are supposed to suck out all of the air within the building in case there is a fire emergency or explosion (everyone has to evacuate before that happens, of course).

Ginormous tubes