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I have small feet and this has been a burden for me ever since I entered my teen years! I could never find the right sized shoe that would fit me perfectly! If I admired some shoes on display, chances were that the particular style of shoes I was eyeing just didn’t have a size that fit my feet perfectly. They would be either too big or too small. Sometimes, the smallest size available would still be too large for my foot. FYI my feet are somewhere between a 5 and a 6 in U.S. shoe size. Since not all brands have the same sizing, that adds to the difficulty in finding the right sized shoes for me. T_T

My boyfriend bought me some Toms for my birthday, but unfortunately they were a little too big and slipped off easily. So we went half a size down and the shoes were painfully small. I tried “breaking them in” for a day and the next two days consisted of me limping around because my toes hurt so bad! I’ve tried those little sticky pads before, but they just don’t work…my feet still slip out or the pad might even move around. My next solution – and I don’t know what took me so long to figure it out – is to find the perfect low-cut socks to wear with my Toms, other slip-on shoes, flats, etc. that are just a little loose and need that extra something to keep them on my feet…


After a quick glance at these flowers, you might have a few doubts on whether the flower is real or fake. They have a very shiny gloss and have that plastic look about them. I’ve had many moments like this at home, at restaurants, or in public places. After you extend your arm and inspect the plant with your fingers, you think one of two things: “Oh, it’s plastic and fake. Eh.” or “Oh my goodness! This is a real plant??? Hey [insert companion’s name], feel this, it’s real!!!” Haha :p

Fake or Real Flowers?

We went to the aquarium and I thought this picture of jellyfish was really cool because it kind of looks like a painting, minus the reflection of the camera’s flash in the glass. I think jellyfish look creepy but beautiful all at the same time. Some of their tentacles were really impressive because they were super long, trailing behind them.


It’s January now and sadly there’s no excuse of it being New Year’s to put up pretty lights and ornaments anymore. ^3^ So before all of the decorations disappear, I wanted to take a picture, but it was kind of late at night and the remaining houses that still have their lights up didn’t have them turned on anymore. I did see one house that actually decorated the tree in their front yard with large ornaments and thought it was rather cute. Who needs to buy a Christmas tree when you can decorate the big tree in your front yard? ;)

If I had a pine tree in the front yard, I’d probably do the same, hehe.

Tree Ornaments

My boyfriend and I have will have been together for 5 years this coming February, but as any other couple, we argue a lot and have lots of fights. >_< Sometimes it’s something really stupid, sometimes it’s something really serious. Some people prefer not to rock the boat, but for me personally, I think it keeps the relationship healthy if you can get through it together. We fought over something and I took an angry nap. When I woke up, I found this staring at me:


“You are one clever boy, aren’t you?” I told him. I thought it was pretty sweet and funny at the same time. He said it was a gamble because I would be either won over by the cute cat, or I would say, “You think you can make me forget by using a stupid cat picture?” Lucky for him, it’s the first one. But I did warn him, “Too bad you already used this trick now, so you can’t use it in the future.” I said next time he’d have to buy me a real cat. Hahaha :D