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I was walking from the science library and couldn’t help but notice this oddly shaped tree branch with some chalk drawing on it. Reminds me of tribal patterns. I thought it looked pretty awesome. It made me wish maybe more of our trees would have some cool, drawn designs on them. :p

Tree Drawings

For young adults, at least around here, boba drinks are all the rage right now. Most popular are the milk tea drinks with big boba balls (also called “bubble tea” in other places) made of tapioca. The fun part is being able to choose among a huge list of different tea flavors and chewing the boba balls while you enjoy your liquid drink. After a few years of having a boba obsession, I got kind of tired of it and didn’t crave it very often anymore. However! For the first time in a long time, I recently started craving boba – especially taro flavored milk tea. The end product… (I like eating the boba, but I like my boba to liquid ratio in each swig to be 1:5 so I had some boba left over :p)

Taro Boba

At one of the malls that we go to, there’s a nice little koi pond. There are stepping stones and a little island in the center of the pond, so you can get all up close and personal to the koi fish while you look at them. :p In the pond, you can see mostly big koi fish, but there are usually a couple of baby ones that look like little goldfish! Someday they will grow to be big koi fish. ^_^

I wanted to visit one of the pet stores there to play with the puppies, but it was closing time apparently. T_T It was only 7pm…poop. Cheesecake did cheer me up a bit though. *blush*

Koi Pond

Friday was a really fun experience of all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque. It’s really popular around here right now, especially with college students. There are three things that are a part of the college craze: kbbq, frozen yogurt, and boba. All delicious, but too much of it can get tiring of course.

The side dishes that come along with korean food is one of my favorites. I love eating variety. You can pick what kind of meat dishes they bring out for you (usually the more expensive the price, the more variety of meats you can choose from). They bring it out raw and you cook it yourself on the grill in the center of the table. The place I’ve been to give you salad and rice paper to eat the meat with, which makes it a lot less tiring than just eating heaps & heaps of plain meat. Along with that, you can choose what kind of soup you want – I always like the egg soup. At the end of the meal, we treated ourselves to multiple servings of ice cream. The real kind! Not soft-serve machines, but buckets of real ice cream. Yuuuuum. I stuck to green tea ice cream, which was more creamy than green teaish, but still yummy.

The picture I took wasn’t so great because I forgot to take pictures of the meat cooking before the end of the meal, haha. So the little meat that’s left was closer towards the end when we were stuffed and pretty much done with eating any more meat.


I talk about research lab a lot, so I figured a picture of what I work with would be interesting. I try really hard doing the best I can do. Things have been going a lot better for me recently. Not only because I am much more experienced and used to it now, but also because my professor and grad student supervisor devised a little protocol change for me and that has been yielding results that are a lot better.

They look like needle devices because of the little syringes don’t they? Haha. But they’re not. The bottom cylinders are made of glass and inside are filters that collect bacteria cells from the ocean. My job is to extract DNA from these cells. The purpose of the syringe is to remove the stuff inside and I’m guessing that it’s sterile. It’s a pretty lengthy process that takes about two days per extraction.