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Happy Lunar New Year! Every night before the Lunar New Year, my mom sets up a table with fruit offering outside our front door and lights up candles at midnight. Usually I have to wake her up at midnight because she would fall asleep before then while watching TV in her bed. ^_^ This year she said she went to temple with her friend and didn’t come home till 11:30 so she was still awake and I didn’t need to wake her up. Other than that and having rice cakes, my family doesn’t do much else to celebrate – I know some families have extravagant dinners, yum!

Lunar New Year's Eve

Oh goodness, I’m up so late but the sugar donuts are still in my system!!! @_@ Plus, the weekend is the only time I can sleep in, so I like to abuse the privilege of staying up late and sleeping in when I can. T_T I didn’t always have such a fondness for donuts. Somehow, after this one event recently, I started craving donuts ever since. The story is this: I saw these yummy donut holes at the university’s dining hall and planned to come back to eat some after I ate an actual meal first. You know, donuts for dessert – that makes sense. Well, I came back all excited, and they were gone!!! haha, ever since then I craved donuts.

We found this awesome little donut shop kind of near our house, and we love it there. They’re open 24/7, how awesome is that?

Sugar Galore

I love Spongebob Squarepants the TV show. I watched it when it first aired and I was a kid. Even to this day I still love the show. It’s so ridiculous that it’s funny, and as an adult, there are certain things that are much more amusing now. Such as the hidden sexual innuendos and odd themes – such as Patrick being the “father” and Spongebob crossdressing as the “mother” even though they’re both portrayed as males… haha, I love that show. I thought it was insanely awesome when I saw this inside of a fish tank at the pet store.

BIKINI BOTTOM! (Spongebob’s city)

Also, there’s one dead fish floating upside down T_T My boyfriend says that since Spongebob himself is nowhere to be seen, he is the culprit for murdering that fish, lol.

Spongebob's Bikini Bottom

While having dinner with my boyfriend, I decided to be a little silly. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: “Hey honey, did you know that these plants on the wall are carnivorous plants?”

Him: “Oh really?” *looks curious and convinced*

Me: “Yeah, that’s why they keep them chained on the wall.” *points to the chains holding up the plants*

Him:  ……

Hahaha :D

Man-eating plants???

I had such a terrible day today. I’m working really, really, really hard in research lab but the results are never good. It’s really discouraging. I came in so rejuvenated and confident after winter break, and now the same cloud of pressure and disappointment are looming over me. On some off days I mess up. But even when everything goes perfectly, for some reason the results still aren’t good – at least that’s what my supervisor says. In actuality, I don’t think we even know how much we should be expecting. SIIIIIIGH. 9-10am and 2-7pm of research lab, and class from 11-2. It was a really bad day for me T_T By the time I finally left the building, this is what I saw: nighttime.

P.S. also as luck would have it, my camera was not with me today. This was taken by my phone.

Night already?