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No, I’m not stuck in an office cubicle just yet (or ever? my future career is still uncertain lol). But since today I had such a loooong day at school (10am until 9pm) I thought it was fitting that I would have a drab picture of…. the cubicles at the library. haha… I’ve spent many hours here studying – or dozing off from not getting enough sleep. We have two main libraries on campus – one humanities based and the other is science based. The humanities library has nice couches. The science library has way more space (six floors) and tons of tables and cubicles. Since I’m a science major, I mostly spend my time at the sci lib since it’s closer to my classes…and you never have to worry about finding an unoccupied study area.

Here’s to more dates with these cubicles. Haha. More cubicle dates will lead to happier grades. :p

P.S. I made sure to turn off the sound when I took the picture but I forgot about flash so a huge flash went off and my camera made a few mechanicy-sounding sounds. Haha, talk about embarrassing.

Library Cubicles

To be honest, I had a pretty cruddy three day weekend. And now tomorrow is back to school and another long week (yes, even with Monday already passed). As you can tell, I’m in low spirits.

Today’s picture is of the coaster I made out of Perler beads. Also known as Hama beads. They’re little beads with holes in the center and you place them on the spikes of a peg board (picking whatever color and design you want), put wax paper on top, and go over it with an iron to melt and fuse the beads together. It’s tons of fun for the young and the old, but I made the mistake of thinking it was better to buy the cost efficient tub of 11,000 mixed colors. I didn’t realize till it was too late that picking out colors from that mess of colors is the most annoying and time consuming thing ever. So you might want to pay extra to get separate colors instead…or pay for someone to separate the colors for you. :p

Anyway, I got fed up with the colors and decided to just make a colorful coaster instead. Meh. -.-

Perler Coaster

I won a contest from (their site seems to have disappeared now :/) and won these adorable sushi plushies. Yesterday’s post featured sushi so it kind of inspired me to make today’s sushi related as well! One of them is shrimp nigiri, the other is tuna nigiri, and the other one is tamago nigiri. So cute! I’m so grateful to have won these plushies! It turned into a sort of a mission to win that contest. I told all my friends, made a huge facebook event where at least a thousand people were invited, and messaged every one I knew. Lol, all for sushi plushies. Kinda shows how much I love 1) cute things and 2) sushi. :p

I keep them on my desk, so they cheer me up every day when I look at them. *love*

Sushi Plushies

Went grocery shopping and I knew my picture of the day was going to be something cute. It’s a sushi boy! One of those little figurines that bob their head from side to side endlessly. His “hat” is a salmon sushi. Yummm. :p Judging by the little icons on the box, I think perhaps there are all kinds of sushi boys (or girls?) with different sushi on their heads. You can see the edge of a different one on the upper left corner – I think it has a shrimp on its head. ^_^

Sushi Figurine

Today was Friday the 13th. Nothing bad happened, though. :p Had discussion session for one of my bio classes today and the TA was…interesting. He brought up some interesting facts, but they’re also interesting facts that will probably prove to be of no use to me for my bio class. I guess I’m on my own to either really study hard independently or be very diligent about going to office hours.

This weekend is a three day weekend, so whoohoo! Time to rest up and catch up since the first week of school has been mostly me going to class and not really studying yet. I have a quiz on Wed and next week I’m going to start being in research lab for most of the week. I hope this quarter goes more smoothly…! I signed up for 4 units of research lab this quarter and I have to really start going through the samples so I think I will probably be in the lab for 16 more or less hours during each week.

While walking through the park at school, I snapped a quick pic. I saw this guy who was sitting in a tree reading his book. I thought that was great! That’s my idea of college right there, haha. Of course I didn’t take a picture of the guy because I felt too strange doing that. Many more pics of the school to come, hopefully. It’s my last year here T_T and I realize that although I spent too much time here almost every day, that’s going to change very soon. So it’s pretty great that I have this project to remind me to keep taking pictures.

Middle of Park