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Today I went to my first college basketball game, haha. It’s kind of sad that my first college basketball game is during my last year of college, but to be honest, I’ve never been much of a sports person. My real motivation was the pre-game carnival, which advertised free turkey legs for the first 100 students, along with free cotton candy, chips, peanuts, and other stuff if you win at the games they had. Yeah, it was the free stuff that motivated me to come – hey, it’s college! “Free” attracts all college students. :p There was a student body member saying, “Wow, I’ve never seen so many people before. Now how can we make them stay for the game?” LOL, how sad. I won’t say I wasn’t tempted a little do that and leave after eating, but I wanted to see a basketball game at least once before I graduate anyways.

There was also a balloon guy making balloon animals and stuff, but unfortunately the game was starting and he wouldn’t make any more. :/ I wanted either an octopus or a parrot. I saw an octopus balloon animal someone was holding and it was cool! haha. Oh well!

I guess I was one of the 100 because I got a turkey leg! Yay! I usually have really bad luck with stuff requiring you to be the “first __ # of students” in line because on more than one occasion I’ve been cut off right before it was my turn. No kidding. The turkey legs were huge! And at first I thought they were dry when I ate the outside, but when I started chomping on the meat inside, it was actually really juicy and soft! All it was missing was some BBQ sauce. Free food? Sounds good to me.

Oh right, the basketball game. It was actually really fun watching it and cheering every time our team made a shot. ^_^ We were down but more than 10 points, and there was only a minute left. We left at that time to beat the rush of people leaving, but I am pretty sure we lost. It was still fun watching though! The first half of the game was pretty good and it was a tie at that point.

Turkey Legs

My lovely friend got me a “Tokidoki” bag – it’s actually a cheap knockoff from Taiwan, but I love it so much because I love the adorable characters of Tokidoki! A real Tokidoki bag costs hundreds. :p The bag is one of those bags where it folds and zips up into a tiny compact square. I’m not really sure what the usefulness of that is. I suppose it would save a lot of space if you know don’t need a bag yet, but know you will need one later. Heehee, I love cute bags of all kinds. I’m one of those girls who agree that a girl can’t have too many bags.

Tokidoki characters

I like it when restaurants have interesting decor. It 1) has a nice feel when you walk in and 2) gives you something to stare at when you’re chomping away at your burger. :D This restaurant that we went to in particular had a ton of framed posters. It must have cost a ton to have collected them all and have them framed! All of the wall space around in the restaurant was filled up.

Restaurant Wall

I used to love the merry-go-round as a kid. Riding on a big horse, going up and down and around in circles. The one thing about me, though, was that I was like a parasite attached to my mom, haha. I didn’t like her to leave out of my sight, and even then I felt the need for her to be within touching distance. So I wasn’t a troublemaker who ran off and got lost, but I was an annoying pest my mom couldn’t shake off of her foot. :D Therefore, on merry-go-round rides, my mom would be one of those parents who stand right next to their kid on the horse. Sometimes if she’s lucky, she got to leave my side without me crying to rest and sit on one of those boring, non-moving, bench-like seats on the merry-go-round. :p


I love to make stuff. My boyfriend and I are always looking for things to do together and one of the cute things we came up with was “Arts & Crafts Day.” It’s not really a whole day but I think it’s cute to call it that. Sunday was our last day of winter break, so we spent some time winding down and doing some crafts. For me I was really determined to have arts & crafts time because I wanted to finish the little “paper holder” before school started.

My desk is fairly spacious, but I always seem to have a stack of papers at each end of my desk, lol. They’re papers that don’t belong anywhere but are important or useful to me somehow. Solution: put it in a paper holder, which makes the papers stand vertically so it saves more space and makes it look so much cuter & cleaner. And yet, the papers are much more accessible than putting it in a box, because once it goes in the box, I will probably forget it existed, haha.

In the meantime, the bf started working on his pirate ship model. Heehee. Now I just need to make one more…for the stack of papers at the other end of my desk. :p

Paper Holder