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I really don’t remember my dreams that often – it’s quite rare that I remember any of them.

Of course, there is the exception of when I worry about something before I go to sleep. A lot of the time I’ll end up dreaming about it and waking up in a start the next morning. There are two very common scenarios that happen over and over.

One would be when I know I’m not going to get much sleep that night, and I’m going to have to drive the next day. I tend to worry about if I’ll be alert and sharp-minded enough to drive properly without having any accidents. Just last Monday, since I have an 8AM class and I didn’t get much sleep the night before from studying, I woke up in the morning with my heart racing from a dream where I got into a car accident, lol. You bet I was relieved when I realized it didn’t actually happen. And yes, I did make it to school and back safely. :p

Another would be when I fall asleep, knowing that I still need to brush my teeth, but I am too exhausted to get up and do it before drifting away. Yep, that night, I will have the most gnarly dreams about my teeth rotting away, huge holes in my teeth, and my teeth falling out. Haha! I wake up from these dreams extremely relieved my teeth are still in the same condition as they were the night before.

The moral of the story would be…get enough sleep and make sure to brush your teeth every night. :p

A dream that I had the other night and actually remembered, but rewritten in short story form. :p

I found myself as a little girl, with matted and oily hair sticking to my face, stumbling fearfully into a luscious garden. It must have belonged to an affluent family, because it was attached to a wondrously large home with multiple stories reaching upwards towards the sky. I wasn’t quite sure what good it would do me, being in such a place, but I was desperate for refuge and for help. I took a moment to ponder about what I might say to the family of this household so that I could beg for their help, but I thought better of it and decided it would be more fruitful for me to just quietly hide in their garden for a while to rest before I moved on.

The idea didn’t last very long when I heard footsteps nearby and locked eyes with a young man coming towards me. “What are you two doing here?” he called out to me in an angry voice. I was confused by his question, since I was alone, but I glanced around me and found another little boy around the same age as me. I must have failed to take notice of him when I was preoccupied with thinking about my next move while resting in the garden. I thought to make a run for it, but I knew that might have called for more trouble than if I had just asked him for help.

The boy seemed to have the same idea as I did, because we both ended up relaying our stories to the young man. The young man warned us that he would only be able to take in one of us, and that left him the choice of only choosing one person between the two of us. I prayed that he would take pity upon me, and he did, but I was not the one he had chosen. Maybe he thought the boy would be more useful to him. The young man looked at me apologetically, and warned me that I had better run and run fast. He ran beside me, leading me out of the yard, and for some reason I had a hopeful notion that he would run with me, leading me to somewhere safe. But as soon as we left his property, I looked back and my heart sank as I saw him watching after me, standing still at the front of his house.

It was a silly thought that he would go through that much trouble for a scraggly and helpless little girl. I kept my speed up and continued running along the dirt path, but all hope was lost when I saw a group of slavers at an adjacent path. I did my best to run as fast as I could, but felt a whip go after my throat as I was dragged towards the group of slavers. The whip was replaced by a collar and leash. My weak fingers tried unsuccessfully to pry them off my neck as I struggled to get away and clumsily stumbled along. I was left no choice but to accept it and go along with the group, as another youth added to their collection.

I usually don’t remember most of my dreams. For once I remembered my dream from last night. I’m surprised I even remember it. It’s nothing that interesting. I just wanted to document it in my blog.

My Dreamcatcher

For some reason I was at a store catered to young women (Like Forever 21) with my boyfriend and some of my friends. I was at the cash register after I had picked up a handful of jewelry. When a friend asked me why I bought all of that, I said they were supposed to be given as gifts. I think my dream went that way because two weeks ago I picked through jewelry for my friend’s birthday. :p

So anyway, I was at the cash register trying to pay for my items. I think the cashier was telling me the store policy and her speech included the fact that credit card was fine. When I took my wallet out, she said credit card was not fine. For some reason I got very angry and confrontational, raising my voice (I’m never like that IRL, I just submissive say…oh…okay….haha). “Why would you say it’s fine if it’s not fine then?! You said that just a few seconds ago!” The cashier girl got flustered and brought out the manager to speak to me. The manager chided the girl about the situation, told her just to let me use my credit card, and left.

I took my credit card and license, putting it on top of my wallet. At that moment, a young woman was running and bumped into me, making me drop my wallet on the floor. I picked up my wallet and looked at her. She seemed apologetic, and then smiled at me nicely. “Here,” she said, pushing a small bag (like a makeup bag) at me. “Keep it.” I looked inside the bag and it had a bunch of goodies. I looked at after the girl speechlessly, since it seemed like such a kind act for a mistake that was so minor, with her smiling at me still. With that she ran away, and I contemplated running after her to return the bag since I didn’t think I should keep it. But it was too late already, so I let her go and turned back to the cashier to pay. Of course, my credit card and ID were missing. I couldn’t pay for any of the jewelry and left with my friends, angrily ranting about it.

Moral of the story is, don’t accept nice gifts from strangers who smile too nicely at you, and if your wallet falls after you are bumped into, make sure your crap isn’t stolen. :p