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I researched it online and it may be because the sirens mimic a dog’s howling noise. That makes sense; it does somewhat sound like a howl.

So that makes sense, but why do they howl?

Apparently wolves and dogs howl in order to communicate (long-distance) with their fellow canines. They might also do it when they’re lonely. That’s kind of cute. Now we can feel a little less annoyed since they are probably howling at the sirens because they think it’s another dog, not because they just want to annoy us by mimicking the siren or anything like that. 8-)


I seriously loved Katy Perry’s new music video (and the song too!). It has a great retro feel and as my boyfriend says, it “is a great tribute to the 80’s.”Although the entire video is around 10 minutes, I ended up watching the “mini-movie” for at least 4 times! That’s at least 40 minutes of me watching Katy Perry’s video, lol! @_@

So many random “famous” people have cameos in this. REBECCA BLACK is in it, haha. She is what, 13 years old? But in this music video she looked super mature and very pretty. It’s amazing she can look so much older. The magic of camera, makeup, clothes, and hair, I guess. This was such an entertaining music video. I recommend! *thumbsup*

Sushi Slippers

My favorite food is sushi. Would I would sushi slippers? Hmm, probably not. But if someone gave it to me as a gift I would find it very amusing and maybe a sweet gesture since they would have to know I’m a sushi addict *love* Mmmmm, those slippers look like salmon and tuna nigiri. *drool* Come to think of it, maybe I would appreciate it even more if someone bought me sushi instead of inedible slippers. Lol! I’m such a glutton.

I decided to try to make more out of my website and am now adding a new section to Faded Out: Mind Pop. I chose “Mind Pop” because it makes me think of a lollipop…except for your mind. Ever heard of “eye candy”? Well this is the same thing, except brain candy. And no, despite the name, it’s going to be the equivalent of junk food and probably devoid of anything educational. Or put more bluntly: just random findings that I come across the Internet. These posts will be about anything I find interesting, cute, pleasing, or strange. Mind Pop: posts that will pop your mind! … haha

Why? Well, sometimes I find things that I just feel the need to share them with someone. Normally I’d fascinate my friends or boyfriend with my findings, but recently I thought it might be fun to have it on my website to share with other people as well. Furthermore, I get to look back at these posts if I ever feel like I need to reference them again, or just need a plain ol’ pick-me-up.

Mind Pop posts will be excluded from the main page because this is more of a fun little side project and not something I’d like to spam my “real blog” with :p

These posts will be found on my “Mind Pop” category page once everything is up and running!

I hope you will all enjoy!


So…how creepy would this be if you saw someone with this face??? Brilliant makeup. I’d love to see someone replicate this look (don’t forget to take pics and show me!). That “puffy” eye must be a bit annoying though (no more vision through that eye!). Click the image for a tutorial on how to achieve this look.