This is my random check-in post. ^_^ Haven’t had one of those in a long time.

Currently I’m using my new wireless mouse. 8-) It makes using the laptop even more enjoyable! I’m quite used to the trackpad (it’s been like 3 years now), but having a mouse is a nice change for when you wanna rest your hand on a flat surface. I finally bought myself a mouse because they had a great deal this week at Target. It’s $8 for one! Retail price is like $25 and the cheapest it usually gets is around $14 so that’s a great deal. We had to check two Targets because the one near my house had already sold out.

Today I had so much fun! Boyfriend and I got donuts at a local shop. Ever since I ate 1 donut hole at our school’s dining hall, I started craving donuts all the time – and even now I still do! Sugary goodness, oh man. So we yelped it and found a nice, local donut bakery nearby. Now we love going there! I like to eat a few donut holes and 1 blueberry cake donut. Today they tasted so fresh, I was blown away when I sunk my teeth into that baby!

Since today was a holiday and we had no class, we actually got to eat out for lunch at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants for their lunch special. I love lunch specials because they’re so cheap but you get so much good food! Sadly, I usually am not able to go because I always have class and weekends are too crowded. -.- But today was a nice change and I got to finally go!

Afterwards, we watched Contagion at the dollar theater. We don’t like going to a normal movie theater anymore because prices are just ridiculous now. I can handle waiting a few extra months to watch the movie for 2 bucks instead. ;) Anyways, I really liked the movie. I first heard about it in my summer Microbiology class and really wanted to see it. Watching it was great because I really saw elements of my Microbio class come out in the movie.

There wasn’t too much character development because there was just too much going on, but the storyline and ideas behind the movie are what the movie was more focused on, I think. It really brought home how easy an epidemic might occur, makes you re-evaluate how cautious you’re being when you come in contact with so many people everyday, and brought attention to the fact that a lot of people distrust health organizations. It’s very controversial because sometimes they’re just doing their job the best that they can – there is no way you can serve the entire world when an epidemic breaks out without being given enough time, but people get scared & angry when they are being told there just aren’t enough medications to be distributed yet. At the same time, what if they are holding out on the medication so that they can make more money out of it? OR let’s say you are a scientist and you discovered the vaccine – do you give it to your friends and family first or not? These ideas were talked about in my Microbio class, and it was great to see them again in a “scientific”ish movie.

Came home early, indulged in sleeping and finishing off my sugary donut, and played with my pet cockatiel while waiting for my house to have life in it again (my family tends to be out busy until nighttime). So relaxed right now. *love*