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Last Saturday was the first time I had a patient in clinic ask me for my business card as I said good bye to them. I was a little taken aback. Totally a pleasant surprise and thought that was awesome! It was her first time trying contact lenses, so I had the privilege of picking out the lens power and brand for her, checking her eye health, vision and the fit of the lenses.

My shift ended at noon for lunch but since it was her first time wearing contact lenses, I had to educate her on lens wear and train her on application & removal… Let me tell you ladies, if it’s your first time trying contact lenses, avoid having claws on them nails! (You know, those very long nails that could poke an eye out…literally, since you gotta use your fingers to pinch out the lens in your eye.) It all led to no time for my lunch break but fate was kind to me and there was one chocolate chip muffin left for me that a classmate brought to share with us!

Patient was super excited about the contacts and it was really nice being able to do the whole thing smoothly, successfully. The small talk we had, the minor struggles and triumphs during training, and just getting a little more connected with my patient made my working Saturday a bit better.

My usual period of quietness is over! It’s usually a 3 month wave of silence that rolls over my blog whenever I’m in a tough quarter at school. I finished the last quarter of my 2nd year in optometry school. It’s a tough one that tends to “weed out” and leave behind a few students every year. I have one more year of learning in an academic setting and being in clinic, then one more year of rotations at different clinic locations, and then I will be an optometrist (after passing national board exams of course)! Truly exciting.

My 2nd year of opto school has been the toughest yet. I still had moments where I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull through and make it, but the 1st year of school definitely hardened my spine. No more consecutive nights of going home and crying in bed. I would have downer days, but I knew I had to spring back up and go through the motions again. Tackling one day at a time truly has helped me get through it – I used to be so bad at dealing with stress, but I’m getting through it much better. Those New Year’s Resolutions I made were definitely being followed (for the most part) :) I had plenty of days where you just know it’s not going to be pretty. Like that one morning I was in a rush to begin my commute to school and did this to my trial lens set (see picture below) before getting out of the house. My optometry friends should know the feels, haha. But, I made it and I’m halfway towards being an eye doctor. 8-) 

Spilled my lenses from my set

Dropped my trial lens set

It was super interesting reading the comments on my Pyramid Scheming Girl blog post! Loved all the different experiences and insight. Although I ended up blocking the girl’s phonecalls, I guess my phone doesn’t block texts because much to my dismay, I actually received a text from her yesterday. Same crap, the whole we-haven’t-talked-in-forever-how-are-you spiel. I thought about responding for once, to ask her to stop messaging me, but I didn’t because I thought to myself that maybe by responding like that she would keep messaging me even more asking why and for details. :/

Anyway, I’m officially on my summer vacation, which is a measly 12 days, but I’ll take it! I’ve kick-started it by going to an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner with some of my favorite classmates (so many good laughs were had), and spending a lot of time with my boyfriend (we are currently all caught up with Game of Thrones)! So much fun already. Tomorrow, I’m celebrating a dear friend’s birthday with some of my closest friends. Saturday, I’m going on a 4 day trip to Seattle, WA! Holy crap, I’m excited!

Winter Break: I have two weeks of freedom, yay! At the beginning of a vacation I find myself dreaming of all the things I want to do, and overwhelmed with what to start with. Before I know it, the vacation is over already, lol. I always fear that happening to me because it’s pretty common. But currently, I have to say sipping my hot chocolate while blogging and listening to some Spotify is nice. :)

Contact Lens Lab: For my contact lens lab, we have to fabricate a hard contact lens ourselves as a project. While I was working on it, I left my work bench to empty the bowl of water in the sink. When I went back to work on my contact lens, I couldn’t find it. *sweatdrop* I ended up dejectedly cleaning up in resignation. As a last resort I dug through the trash. Yep, the contact lens was stuck on a piece of tissue paper in the trash. LOL. At least I found it. If I really lost it, I’d have to wait until I can talk to my professor to get a new lens to work on.

We had our contact lens proficiency during the week. It involved hard contact lens analysis, keratometry (measuring the curvature of the eye with an instrument), and lid eversions (flipping the eyelid inside out to look at the underside of the eyelid and top of the eyeball). If it sounds scary, it is…at first. After having to practice it so many times I got used to it. It doesn’t hurt at all but it’s an odd feeling. Especially when your classmates are learning it for the first time, there’s a lot of finger slipping and eyelids bouncing back to hit the eye, eyelid pinching, eyeball poking. Lol.

I was also not blessed with long eyelashes, so my short eyelashes posed a challenge for my classmates. Rumors spread around about my difficult eyelids and I think that caused a panic among my classmates. When we have proficiencies, we are randomly paired up with a labmate. Once I put on mascara, my lashes were much more manageable but the fear was already instilled among my classmates so the girl who had me freaked out on the proficiency. I think no matter how scary or difficult something may be, confidence and calmness is super important in not botching the whole thing.

Yay, Extra Credit: I decided to go to class today (it was our last day of class before 2 weeks of winter break) and my professor told us he wanted a picture of everyone because everyone who showed up today will receive extra credit! Lol! Didn’t expect that at all, but that was a nice treat to coming in. It was funny because yesterday I was talking with a few classmates and posed the question, “So who’s showing up to class tomorrow?”.  My professor also likes to include a slide on his powerpoint with upcoming birthdays in the next week. I was the only person on the list who showed up so when he asked in desperation, “Is ANYONE on this list here?” I waved my arms around enthusiastically.

Quick Date: After class, Mart & I did some last minute shopping for his coworkers, ate some tasty ramen for dinner, and listened to a local band play some Christmas/swing/jazz music. We had to leave early because Mart had an event with the coworkers tonight, but it was a nice little date!

It’s nearing 2AM here after a typical weekend and I’m very sleepy/tired, but I’ve accomplished almost nothing on my actual agenda. Somehow, however, I’ve managed to clean up my blog for who knows how many hours (which is cool because Fadedout really needed some attention…but what an ill time for that).

Some things never change – I’ve been a heavy procrastinator ever since those elementary school days. I’ve tried a lot of things and they worked really well – for a certain amount of time. When I get burnt out, I slip back into old habits. Cut me some slack, man, this is my 19th year of school! That sounds ridiculous when I actually quantify how long I’ve been in school…

I have one more tough week of school before I get two beautiful weeks of winter vacation. I tried letting that be the motivation to pull myself through and do what needed to be done, but alas…I failed this weekend. I feel absolutely unmotivated and I also feel like a tied up sack of poop. The #1 task at hand is to be prepared for my pharmacology exam on early Tuesday morning, but the topic is so uninteresting to me and getting started was my enemy this weekend.

What are your tried & true techniques to get through the devilish temptation of procrastination?

Summer vacation has been over for me for at least 2 months, but after all of the sleep deprivation, stress, and tiredness so far, summer actually felt like a year ago, haha. I enjoyed my summer thoroughly. Besides working 25-30 hours a week with the best coworkers and doctors I could ever ask for, I had so much fun doing other stuff!
  • Random dates with Mart at: Bruxie, Urban Seoul, Ra Sushi for my half birthday, and Maru Sushi
  • All-you-can-eat sushi with some of my classmates to celebrate the end of many continuous weeks of exams
  • A lovely get-together with Thuy, Lindy, and James starting off with a BBQ at James’ house, going to the strawberry festival, and Long Beach for some awesome food at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
  • Cleaned out my room & bought a microfiber couch
  • Afters Ice Cream with Ricky and Mart
  • Dyed my hair blonde & brown ombre
  • Visited Dr. Cho’s office and got to catch up with Jessica
  • Julie’s Bday dinner at Burntzilla and Afters Ice Cream with Julie, Henry, Danny, Ricky, and Mart
  • OC Night Market with Ricky, Danny, Julie, and Mart
  • Dinner at Tang 190 and dollar theater movie with Madonna
  • Fancy dinner at Anepalco’s Cafe with Phoenix, Krista, Jasmine, Thien Anh, Quan, and Mart
  • Beach day and Seaside Bakery at Newport Beach
  • LA Trip (Little Tokyo, American Apparel warehouse)
  • Clubbing at Sutra and Denny’s afterwards with Robyn and Mart
  • Cooking Date with Julie, Ricky, Robyn, Henry, and Mart
  • San Francisco trip with Kelvin, Tuong, Toan, Mickey, Eleanor, and Mart
  • Hike at Quail Hill
  • July 4th with Lucille’s for dinner and fireworks at the park
  • Sushi date with Mom
  • Dollar Theater date
  • Clubbing at Yost Theater
  • Samurai Burrito with Madonna
  • DonerG free media tasting event
  • Las Vegas trip with Robyn, Ricky, Julie, and Mart
  • Ret & refraction practice and Lunch with coworkers Jasmine, Darlene, and Tina at Yushoken
  • Beach day at Crystal Cove and Ruby’s 93rd anniversary (burger and fries for $1.93)
  • Swap Meet
  • Dinner with brother and cousins (Thai food)
  • Afters Ice Cream with Madonna
  • National Cheesecake Day
  • Hangout with Kelvin, Tuong, Toan, and Mart at Fusion Bites, Roasting Water, and Yost Theater
  • All-you-can-eat sushi at Monster Sushi with coworkers Kelly, Darlene, and Debbie
  • Hiking with Mom at Crystal Cove State Park and lunch at La Petite Sourie
  • Trip to New York with Mart for 1 week
  • Bonfire with Ricky, Julie, Henry, and Mart

It was a great 3 months. One of the best (if not the absolute best) summers I’ve ever had. Just finished my skills final proficiency. Just six written finals left to go until the fall quarter is over and we begin winter quarter of my 2nd year in optometry school.