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Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

The other day I was shopping for shoes online when I came across a link to clear internet deals. I shop online a lot for shoes, clothes, and other household goods, but I never thought about shopping around for utility prices. I like to shop online because I feel like I can get the best deal without leaving my home. This link opened up a whole new world of stuff I can shop for online. Getting my wireless internet connected at a lower price was easy, and I feel much better knowing that my monthly costs have gone down. I was thinking that my cable bundle was way overpriced, but I didn’t think I had a choice but to stay with them. Now that I am saving monthly on my internet connection I can use that extra money to shop for other important things I need. I have been living on a tight budget lately because I got a pay-cut at work, so every little bit of savings helps. Maybe after a few months of saving I’ll be able to spring for those expensive shoes I wanted.

Thanks to Roman May

I was watching direct tv and started watching a special on the Olympic games that were held in Berlin in first half of the nineteenth century. The year that the summer Olympicswere held there, Germany won eighty-nine gold medals and the United States only won fifty-nine. The special interviewed athletes who said that they adored Germany and had never been treated so well at home. The show was highlighting the irony of the games in the city that was soon to be known around the world, Berlin. It was an expose of the Olympics in Germany and how it was a show to mislead the world. Americans and others walked away from the Olympics with the impression that the current politico in Germany was one that was successful, welcoming, and kind. Not too long later, Berlin became the most hated city on the planet. It was the center of a regime that started the Second World War and caused many casualties of civilians and servicemen. It is hard for me to believe that it was really only about sixty years ago. We have certainly come a long way since then.

Recently I signed up for Business2Blogger. I’m hoping that I can earn a little extra money through them while doing something I enjoy – writing and blogging!

Apparently their services are completely free. You can test ’em out with a 1 month trial, or you can just immediately sign up to be a preferred member (which is what I did). I almost didn’t do it, until I realized that their preferred members are still free…you just need to write a blog post about them or link them back in some way. Sweet deal, so here I am!

They send out opportunities once a week, so I’m looking forward to getting any offers. Join them if you want to try them out, and if you’d like, I can let you know how the experience is going so far for me. 8-)

You know the great thing about having a uniform? You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear. It’s such a hassle each morning or night to figure out, “What do I wear next?” You don’t want to wear the same thing again, but you also have to pick clothes that are suitable for your next day. When you have to go to work and you’re in a hurry, there’s really no time for you to dwell on something so significant such as your clothing. I think that’s the advantage of wearing uniforms.

In addition to comfort, that’s probably why they wear medical nursing scrubs as the typical uniform. Check out for some medical scrubs if you’re interested.

I used to be interested in being a doctor – not the general physician nor a surgeon. A neurologist who dealt with brain scans and interpreting them. But that feels almost like a lifetime ago and my plans have changed so much. I still have a lot of respect for people who make it that far and are happy doing their jobs. Hopefully I’ll be happy with my own path as well.

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

I live out in the Southern California desert, and getting a clear picture on my television was a hit and miss affair. I love the late night talk shows and decided to hook up to satellite TV from to ensure I get my daily dose of Jay Leno laughs.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is better than Johnny Carson and Jack Paar combined. The writers are witty and edgy, setting the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a cut above the rest. Although the short-lived stint with Conan O’Brian hosting the show seemed to be a success, die-hard Leno fans found O’Brian hard to accept. It wasn’t the quality of the jokes or lacking big name guests, but rather, the Tonight Show is just not the same without Leno’s familiar and sarcastic humor.

Skits such as Jay Walking, Headlines, and when he takes the camera crew out for interviews on Melrose Avenue are unique to the mind and personality of only Jay Leno. Others may imitate Leno, but can never fill up the space that an absent Leno leaves when departing the Tonight Show.

Many viewers became upset when NBC snatched back the Tonight Show from the multi-talented Conan O’Brian, however, I bet every one of the complainers is back in front of their TV at 11:30 for late night television the way it ought to be.