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Recently I signed up for Business2Blogger. I’m hoping that I can earn a little extra money through them while doing something I enjoy – writing and blogging!

Apparently their services are completely free. You can test ’em out with a 1 month trial, or you can just immediately sign up to be a preferred member (which is what I did). I almost didn’t do it, until I realized that their preferred members are still free…you just need to write a blog post about them or link them back in some way. Sweet deal, so here I am!

They send out opportunities once a week, so I’m looking forward to getting any offers. Join them if you want to try them out, and if you’d like, I can let you know how the experience is going so far for me. 8-)

Isn’t it interesting how if you tend to type a certain word a lot, you end up typing it even if you meant to type another word?

For example! I’ll be taking notes for my biology class and instead of typing “blot,” I would type “blog.” lol! That says a lot about me because I love blogging & have been doing it for so long that the word is always at my fingertips!

Instead of typing “interested” I would type “interesting”. I see a lot of people make that typo, actually! Sometimes people want to respond to an offer or something and they will type “I’m interesting” when they really meant to type “I’m interested.” Ha. That’s probably because it is the typical adjective when you comment on something. “That’s really interesting,” and the like. (Notice I used it subconsciously in the first sentence of this entry, lol).

It’s pretty crazy. Somehow we type certain things way too much, and the typing motion becomes muscle memory after much repetition. So you start out wanting to type something, but muscle memory kicks in and you end up typing out the wrong word with the same beginning.

On another note, I spent almost all of today doing some major house cleaning! It’s in preparation for next week too, since I won’t be able to clean due to my final on the 7th! Summer session flies by so quickly since it’s only 5 weeks compared to 10 weeks, which is the normal quarter for my university. !._. I’m happy to say I worked super hard and did pretty well on my midterm, so I just gotta keep it up & butt-kick my final! I have to admit I’ve been slacking last week ever since I finished my midterm. I guess you could say I took a week vacation after my midterm even though I still went to class, haha. But now that everything is clean and I took a 1 week “vacation,” I’m back in the mindset of studying hard again. ^3^ I always feel more free & motivated to study or get some real work done when everything feels clean!

Oh yeah, I made a butt-ton of updates a few days ago 8-)

Hello to all who read this! My last blog entry was February 26. After being missing for more than a month, I’m pretty much back! Yes, I’m alive.

Faded Out has been restored back to life, but a lot of it still remains broken. I am in the midst of midterms so I probably should have been studying, but I finally had the chance to at least get Faded Out back online and I felt really obligated to do so. I was getting really restless, knowing that Faded Out has been a 404 page for more than a month. You don’t know how upset I felt when I saw that this site does not even show up under the search results for Google anymore. I was pretty much devastated and it really hit me that I’ve been offline for FAR too long. So yes, I finally got Faded Out back online but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to straighten out all of the kinks.


Since I don’t think I’ll be able to post regularly because of exams (plus I don’t feel right blogging when I know the rest of my site is in shambles…sigh), here’s what happened to Faded Out in the past month in case you’re curious.

I was hosted by SupahStar Host for about a year. The big whammie came in around late February or the beginning of March when the servers were down. They continued to be down for about an entire month (and as I type this, they are STILL down). SupahStar is under a reseller at First Hosting. Apparently, First Hosting’s data center “scammed” them (that is the exact word they used). So all of our websites were offline and apparently First Hosting had no way of contacting the data center. Then supposedly they were able to make a deal with the data center so that they would make our sites available for a short period of time in order for everyone to backup their sites, and then after that everything would be gone again.

I am happy to say I had the chance to backup my database. However, SupahStar did not have the chance to backup all of their clients’ sites, and I didn’t have enough of an advanced notice in order to backup my website files.

The real kicker of it all is that SupahStar has the worst communication I have ever seen from a host. They send out emails infrequently and I really mean infrequently. They use Twitter as their main source of contact. I have absolutely no needs for a Twitter. I was against getting one. But the only way I could ever receives updates from my host was if I subscribed to their Twitter! UGH! I hated it, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it and just decided to get a Twitter JUST for that. But then when this whole month-long server issue occurred, supposedly their email address was blocked (what????) and that meant that they wouldln’t be able to see our (the hostees’) emails if we need to talk to them. And the icing on the cake is that never responded to my Twitter messages either, even though they still update their Twitter regularly!!!! So it felt as if I was completely ignored, and there was no way to get in touch with them. I still haven’t spoken to them at all, and just decided to call it quits and move to a new host. If the owners of SupahStar ever see this (doubt it), I would REALLY appreciate a response back.

So…like I was saying, I didn’t get a chance to backup the files of my website. Which wasn’t a big deal at first because it was kind of unnecessary, since my entire site is powered by WordPress (and I was able to backup the database) and I have the original files on my computer). But I do NOT have the pictures folder, containing the pictures I upload to WordPress!!!  I did not realize this until a few hours ago when I was trying to figure out why my images were broken. Oh goodness……. It’s not like I lost the original files, but I don’t have the time or motivation to go through all of my blog posts and see what needs to be reuploaded. I am terribly sad about that. This all wouldn’t be such a big deal if my old host just didn’t have all of our files completely wiped out and gone! All I need is to backup one folder of pictures! But alas, I cannot…since everything is gone…

For now I’m being hosted by Audax Hosting (thank you so much for the minimal application process and the super quick set up).

So although I learned to backup my database regularly (like after every new blog post) after my hacking experience, I did NOT learn to backup the images folder in WordPress because I never posted pictures to the blog till the past year nor was I ever in a situation where the entire server just lost everything… Another lesson learned. Sigh.

It feels like it’s been too long since I’ve updated. :/

For the first time in weeks? (Right now) I woke up in the middle of my sleep feeling BETTER. Ever since late January I was suffering from really bad allergies (sneezing, watery/itchy eyes, hard to breathe). I still don’t understand why I suffered such horrible symptoms but my best guess is that the weather here (thank you, global warming) grew very unusual and had super dry, hot winds blowing (this blows around all of the pollen or whatever it is I’m allergic to). You don’t understand how much I suffered everyday going to school! I brought endless tissues with me everywhere. At home I just felt like going to sleep.

A month later (last Sunday, Feb. 20), I felt extremely ill, but this time the illness wasn’t an allergy and it felt more like a flu. Ever since then I had a fever ranging from 100-103 degrees F every single day. I originally scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Feb 25 for allergies but obviously that turned into a checkup for my new sickness instead.

After an hour by myself waiting in the small, claustrophobic exam room (the doctor was behind schedule with other patients I guess), I was finally seen and although a flu test was given to me, it wasn’t the case. So she sent me for a chest x-ray just in case of pneumonia, and what do you know, she said I have mild pneumonia. It’s the only thing that explains my fever for almost a week (your fever should not last for that much longer than 3 days for colds/flu) and my constant coughing.

So there is my reason for not updating in what feels like forever. Roughly two months. Those horrible allergies. And more recently, pneumonia!!! For the curious, I believe my prolonged allergies (constant mucus build up) caused the pneumonia (which is an infection of the lungs). I’ll have to ask my doctor the next time I go if that’s what could have happened. That means next time I need to treat my allergy & go to the doctor asap.

I kind of miss a lot of things. Sadly, I miss studying. I am so behind in school because of feeling physically miserable for so long. I hope I can pass this quarter… And of course, I miss blogging here. Anyway, I was finally able to jump straight on and blog because this is the first time that I woke up feeling clearheaded for once. Maybe it’s the antibiotics the doc prescribed working. After hacking a bunch of phlegm from my lungs of course. lol T_T I’ll try to go back to sleep now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon…

So the year 2010 is over and now we have to start writing 2011 on all of our papers. It feels a little unreal for me because it’s yet another year that has zoomed on by, and a year closer to my graduation from this university (well, I sure hope I’m graduating soon under 2 years). 2011 set aside, this post is dedicated to just 2010.

In 2010…

It was my first time taking summer school in my life. I spent the entire summer cracking the books and spending all-nighters before exams. I still went out occasionally with my boyfriend; he always was my de-stresser and something to look forward to during that stressful summer.

It was my first time receiving “A’s” in a few difficult science/math classes, like ochem, calculus, and molecular biology. I worked really hard to try and pick myself up after that really rough fall quarter that cost me my GPA and possible enrollment at the university back in 2009.

Spent a lot more time with my love (my boyfriend) after a really rough year together the previous year.

My mother and I cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. (And it was delicious)

I got my website (Faded Out) hacked for the first time in my life.

Practiced a lot of cooking with my boyfriend (and most of it turned out really yummy) in his new apartment.

Went to my first The Birthday Massacre concert! Not just one, but another one a few months after!

I went to the beach for the first time in a long time (we’re talking about many years here) with just my parents.

Returned to, revamped, and revived Faded Out after a 3 month unannounced hiatus, and did my best to update a lot more as well as add a lot of new content. I also left Blue Host for the pricey $100 annual price, and moved to Supah Star for the low, low price of $0 *love* and registered Faded Out myself at Name Cheap for $10 annually. Everything was the best choice for me and I am very happy with where I am now.

Going along with the above mentioned, I have doubled my blog entries, going from a measly 31 posts in 2009 to 58 in 2010. Hopefully this year I can do about the same or write even more. ^_^