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Sorry, I failed with the whole shorter-posts-but-more-frequent guideline, but I can see myself going back into that sooner than later! Some random tidbits from the past month…

  • I sold almost $900 at work for just one patient’s glasses job order last week. Thankfully we’re not on commission but if we were that would have been a good day (got a bonus though!) :p I felt bad saying the price so I just showed it to her on my calculator and she was all ready to pay it. The best of the best for: designer frames, progressives lenses, and anti-reflective coating = all super expensive especially when you don’t have insurance.
  • My boyfriend finally ordered me a graphics card for my fairly newly built PC! So….I am now an inhabitant in the world of Tera!!! It’s free but super awesome possum and I’ve been too busy to play much lately but I always crave to play!

    My Character :)

  • At my internship, the doctor really wants me to work for her besides doing my (free) internship with her, but I’m just too busy to accept it. She’s going on maternity leave so I won’t be seeing her for a long time and I’m going to miss her!
  • When my boyfriend and I went to the swapmeet one weekend, I snatched up a Mrs. Field’s Cookie Book for a dollar. I could always look up the recipes online but I feel all special having the book!
  • I spent one weekend at a friend’s new apartment in another city with some of our closest friends. It was super fun. We played Cards Against Humanity, had some drinks, had Thai food for dinner, went to this really awesome arcade place (it had everything including a bar, karaoke, games, photo booths, claw machines, bowling), went to a bar (they don’t serve food so they allow outside food – we brought in “Bold” chicken soft tacos from Del Taco), got late night donuts, and totally K.O.’ed at her apartment. I’ll also mention one of our clumsy friends accidentally kicked the weirdest looking bubble-gum-pink-looking vomit all over my pants and shoes. Yeah. *sick*
  • I finally decided to go with a new pair of glasses at work. I haven’t put in my order for them yet, but soon! They’re much bigger than what I usually wear – big frames are in right now – so it’s a big change for me but I’ll still be wearing my current frames a lot as well.
  • So far on Thursdays, I’m the only staff member working besides the two managers…last Thursday was killer…hopefully that’ll change and they’ll get more people working. Most of our staff is made up of college students so every quarter when they change their schedules, that affects our work schedule too. This chick brought her dogs in on Thursday and of course, one ended up pooping on the floor. She ran out without cleaning it up and that left my assistant manager very pissed off, lol.

I’m still trying to pull through in my Human Anatomy class. I can be really good at studying for science classes, but for the life of me, human anatomy is one of the hardest I’ve taken. The professor is ridiculously terrible in addition to the 4 hour class being at 8AM. None of us know what to study and when asked what should we focus on, the professor says “whatever I talked about.” But of course, sometimes he goes on hour-long tangents that are super beyond the scope of our class and then he says he just wanted to teach that because he thinks it’s interesting. !._. ARGH! So I’m just trying to get through this class…my next test is this coming Monday.

Additionally, I’ve been stressing over my optometry school applications. I finally pushed all of my recommenders to send send in their letter of recs for me. Put together a thank you gift to one of my recommenders (she is my internship doctor and the one who is going on maternity leave). I still have to give gifts to my other two. I finished sending in the centralized application, and sending in the supplemental application for my #1 choice. I still have to send in supplementals for my 2nd choice. The exciting news is I got an interview for my #1 choice next Saturday!!! So after I friggen get over studying for my anatomy exam, I’m going to focus really hard on practicing for my interview. Hopefully I won’t report back with embarrassing or regretful news about the interview!

I used to be a sandwich girl…I ate packed sandwiches 5 days a week for about 7 years of my life when I was in school, but during 7th grade I put my foot down (boy was I tired of sandwiches) and started buying school lunches instead. Come college life, I went to bringing homemade food and leftovers for lunch. Nowadays I still try to do that, but there isn’t always food to bring, and I haven’t really had the energy to cook lately. Do you know what that means? Yup, back to bringing sandwiches at least 2-3 times a week. That brings me to the question of…how do you spice up a boring sandwich? How to solve the problem of boring sandwiches? Here are some ideas I’ve either tried, or am going to try really soon:

  1. Add sriracha. If you like spicy, it is bomb! It literally spices up your boring sandwich. Of course, you could also go with any other spicy sauce. Maybe sambal-oelek?
  2. Add an egg. I’ve added over-easy and over-medium eggs into my sandwiches before and it makes the sandwich fantastically creamy. It’s like a beautiful breakfast sandwich. (Try it paired with ham and sriracha…so good!) The only thing about the over-easy egg, though, is how unsafe it might be if you’re not going to eat it right away. The next suggestion, then, would be to add an omelette! I threw a sandwich-sized chunk into tupperware, and microwaved it before sticking it into my sandwich. Think of the possibilities! Mushrooms and bell peppers and in your omelette. Mmm.
  3. Add pickles. Pickles or relish can add that crunch to your sandwich and also an extra tasty factor to it. You could change it up with sweet pickles, sour pickles, and even spicy pickles! The pickles can be added directly to the sandwich, or you could just take along one long slice and eat it alongside your ‘wich.
  4. Try different kinds of mustard. Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, honey mustard.
  5. Add pickled jalapenos. Or other pickled peppers like banana peppers.
  6. Add pesto.
  7. Add dressing. Ranch, Italian, etc.
  8. Add humus and roasted bell peppers.
  9. Try themed sandwiches. Make some stovetop stuffing, stovetop gravy, buy some cranberry sauce, turkey slices, and you’ve got a really savory sandwich if you enjoy Thanksgiving food. And you can enjoy it any time of the year.
  10. Avoid soggy bread. Toast your bread ahead of time or if prefer not to since you like the bread fluffy and soft, make sure you add the sauces/condiments between slices of meat or cheese, rather than having them actually touch the bread. You could also bring wet ingredients in separate tupperware but I’d rather avoid more tupperware to wash or trash to throw away.

Today I went shopping but I went shopping on a major budget. I practically spent nothing. :p

I got this super cute bow clip for like 50 cents at H&M because I used the $6 certificate I got from Wrapp (it’s free). The bow was $4.95 and I needed a minimum of $6 in order to use the certificate so I grabbed a star necklace on sale for $1.50 (it’s actually pretty cute but it was on mega sale because it’s missing a clasp). I also used a coupon I got in the mail for a free Victoria’s Secret undie (valued at $9.50 but no purchase necessary – thankfully, since all their stuff is pretty pricey and I probably wouldn’t get it otherwise). And (the most random in the bunch), I got a coupon for free feminine pads that I bought as well, haha.

Since I didn’t spend anything today, I decided to buy the brush-tip liquid liner from Physicians Formula and some cotton pads for eyeliner removal for $13. I have Asian eyelids that fold in, so I have had no luck in finding eyeliner that won’t smudge. I tried ULTA’s Gel Liner and it’s the first one I’ve used that does not smudge – it’s great! However…their only black color comes with glitter in it. So sad. I like glitter, but not on my lash line…I believe it’s the glitter (or it could just be the eyeliner), but every time a glitter particle falls into my eye during the day, I blink my eye in major pain and surprise. It makes my eyes red too… Just when I finally found a gel liner that doesn’t smudge, I find that it irritates my eye.

Hopefully my experiment with Physicians Formula goes well. It’s supposed to be hypoallergenic, paraben free, etc etc for sensitive eyes, and a lot of reviews report long-lasting wear time without smudging. Honestly, I normally wear zero makeup on my face. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are only when I’m out clubbing like twice a year. Otherwise, I stick to just lip color. I would like to wear eyeliner more often if I could just find one that wouldn’t irritate me or smudge. We’ll see!

On top of all of that, I ended up returning my oxford shoes I bought in December from an online sale at ALDO; I realized I would never actually wear them so I returned them. Thank goodness ALDO has such an amazing return policy!!! They allow returns within anĀ unlimited time frame as long as you haven’t worn the shoes yet. Not in-store credit either…they refunded me back onto my credit card. Awesome. So in the end, I got back more money than I actually spent. If you ever get a chance to stack up your freebies and coupons, I highly recommend you have a cheap shopping day! It’s super fun, satisfying, and really friendly to your wallet. 8-)

As mentioned in my last post, I said we’d see if I would finally make it on time or not to class. Drum roll please… I made it! I was in my seat at like 7:59AM or something like that (it’s an 8AM class). Two of my tablemates weren’t even there yet by the time I was seated and comfortable. Ironically, there was absolutely no quiz and he didn’t even take roll either. LOL. Of course that would happen. We have a big exam on this coming Wednesday, so I’m going to make sure I arrive early rather than on time, haha.

On a different note, yesterday at my internship, my optometrist asked me to administer the numbing drop and dilation drops myself onto one of her patients. Now that I think about it…I suppose in the end they are just eye drops and they aren’t that big of a deal, but when she asked me to do it, I was really surprised. I definitely did not let the patient know it was my first time doing it on someone, but I must have done it fine and the eye drops must have worked because the doctor was able to check her successfully dilated eyes later.

My responsibilities at her office have definitely been really interesting. I enjoy scribing during her eye exams the most because I get to be in the exam room while she checks her patients and be pretty involved during the exam. Ever since she got a new receptionist though, she seems to want me to help out at the front desk more. It’s honestly not what I want, since as an optometric intern I want to be in the exam room. I get more than enough front desk experience at work. I guess I can’t complain though, since I got the chance to be in the exam room tons of times and it’s been a great experience. We’ll see where it goes from here, I suppose.

I also had an interesting situation occur at work on Friday. A man came in asking me if we were able to make his Google Glass shield into prescription lenses. I personally think they look a bit too awkward for any self-conscious person to wear in public, except for the sunglasses. They look a bit more discreet on the sunglasses. Anyway, I didn’t know the answer to his question so I asked my manager, assistant manager, and our lab guy to see if they knew. They all had absolutely no clue and some of them didn’t even know what Google Glass was. Ooookay. Haha.

So I called up one of the lab customer support numbers affiliated with a certain insurance the guy was going to use and asked them. The customer support rep said he couldn’t tell me over the phone whether it was doable or not – he would have to see it himself. I ended up using my own cell phone to take pictures, email it to our work email, and then email the rep. In the end, the simple answer was no.

However, we can put prescription lenses into these frames that look just like normal glasses (see the video below). There are currently only 4 styles of frames that Google Glass has available to transform your Google Glass into prescription glasses. And of course, they cost an extra $225 on top of your actual Google Glass device ($1500). And it depends on the type of lens/coatings you want on your glasses and what your insurance covers, but the cost to make lenses is probably anywhere from an extra $25-300 dollars. Yeeeep. I suppose someone who is able to afford Google Glass in the first place might not mind about the extra costs of making them into wearable prescription, but I definitely would rather buy other things with two grand, haha.


It makes me wonder, though. When is this Google Glass apparatus going to look “normal” when you’re wearing it out and about? Is it going to cause privacy issues? Will Google Glass be the future of optical sales? Hmm.

I’m a weird procrastinator. I end up procrastinating my studying until right before any quizzes or exams. There are people who procrastinate and then spend late into the night studying, but I don’t really do that anymore. Instead, I give up and go to bed at a decent hour and then wake up extremely early to study before class. It seems to serve me really well since I am more focused to study. It also works extremely well if said class is later in the day. Unfortunately, that habit is also what makes me a little bit late in the morning if I have a super early class.

Okay okay, so I was late for class for the entirety of last week (we only meet twice a week for 4 hours each…starting at 8AM). Only by ~5-10 minutes max! But yes, late. I think the professor is getting fed up with tardy people because on the second day of last week, he issued a quiz right at 8:00AM for the first time, apparently. I came rushing in late and the quiz was already halfway done (10 questions total – he makes them up on the spot and verbally asks them while writing it on the board as well). My brain was like, oh shnaps, and I blazed through those 5 previous questions in between the new questions he was asking. My results? 9/10! Pheeeew. *sweatdrop*

I figure, okay, I’ve been late way too much recently, so I’m going to leave on time – maybe even slightly early – today. Things are going great, and then I encounter a street where zero cars are moving, even though I can see the reflection of a green light up ahead. Then the light turns red. Cool…maybe there are just a ton of people heading to work today. We’ll move when the next green light occurs. Right…? Green light happens…each car is cautiously going one by one past the intersection only when a space clears up. Something is definitely going on…maybe a car accident?

It turns out that one of the stoplights was broken. The broken light just had to occur right at the intersection where there is also the exit of a freeway. So cars upon cars upon cars are all just going along infuriatingly slowly due to the stoplight now turned into a 4-way stop!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH

I sit through TWENTY minutes of each car inching forward along the street. Usually it takes me TWENTY minutes to get to school. So…I sat in my car muttering expletives and throwing my head back. Despite giving myself half an hour to get to class, I ended up taking FIFTY MINUTES and I was 20 minutes late to class. Ha ha. Despite my efforts, I still ended up being that girl, opening the noisy, metal-latched door and making a rushed walk of shame towards my lab table. Hoooooray. Luckily, the professor decided to give us a quiz towards the end of class today. I really thought I had missed it entirely. Today’s quiz results? 9.5/10. 8-)

…But still. I am pretty sure the entire class is getting pretty acquainted with my name due to this whole routine (Me: *walks into class late* Prof: name? *marks me off on his attendance sheet*). I mean, I’m okay with it, as long as my quiz scores so far have been pretty good (I’m not sure what the avg score is but a few of my tablemates have been scoring around a 4)…I just hope the professor feels the same (probably not). LOL. Well! We shall see how I make it to class on Wednesday. :p