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Saturday was the last day my friend was able to spend time with us, since she lives about an hour away and we’ll all be busy in the next week before she goes on her trip to Japan. She is going there for her in-person interviews for jobs and staying indefinitely (she already has a job offer safely lined up). She has become one of my dearest friends who still lives close-ish in the area, so her move is definitely sad for me. Our friendship kind of gradually built up barely in the last two-ish years, but after heavily bonding a few times and staying in touch subsequently, I think we realized how much we clicked. Hopefully she will be back to live here again within 2 years, but regardless of how long it will be, I’ll miss her very much.

For dinner we went to a super yummy gourmet burger place, headed to a nearby bar for some drinks, and then to a nightclub in the area. None of us have ever gone clubbing locally…we’ve only done it big in Las Vegas, haha. So, we were curious what “ghetto” clubbing was like. Honestly, the club we went to was pretty nice and most of the people dressed to impress, so it didn’t feel ghetto at all. There is another nightclub in the area that I heard is the definition of a ghetto club though…maybe I’ll check that out just to say that I did, lol.

Since it wasn’t upscale like a Vegas club, there were a lot of older folks (it was a little off-putting to see 50+ year olds by themselves) and there were definitely more guys than there were chicks (upscale clubs usually enforce a rule where you have to have at least an even ratio of guys:girls to enter a club). Still, I had a really good time with my boyfriend and my friend. I had lovely company and the music was right up my alley (I love EDM). I even talked to this guy, and we both discussed how both of our friends were shy (but he wanted to dance with my friend). It was pretty funny, but they ended up dancing together and it was cute ^_^

Afterwards, we went to IHOP and met up with a fourth friend (who was still feeling under the weather, so he skipped out on the clubbing) for some late night munchies and laughs. We must have spent two hours laughing together! It was a really fun Saturday night…I probably won’t have one like that again in a long while. I knew I’d be sad when we said our goodbyes the next morning, but I didn’t expect myself to really bawl it out! I guess it just shows how near and dear my friend is to me. I’m really glad we got to add a few more great memories to our friendship, and I hope we’ll reunite again sometime in the future for many more to come. T_T

My domain expired for a couple of days; I’m sorry *bows down* My mind’s been all over the place lately, so I didn’t keep a close eye on when I needed to pay to renew my domain! Eek.

It’s all good though…I’m back!

Happy Lunar New Year!

I’ve been attending an 8AM class (cue baggy eyes) for the last two weeks, without actually being enrolled. Human anatomy (& the corresponding lab) is very high in demand and it was never offered at my university (go figure), so I’ve been trying to get into a community college now that I’ve graduated.

I honestly went into class thinking it would be my last day (last day to add/drop and I didn’t see any signs of hope), but the professor emailed me saying I could add! The class is pretty tough and I really don’t believe the professor is that good (he likes to go on and ON about obvious things but he really glazes over difficult things…huge pet peeve of mine). So, I guess a few people decided to drop out. I actually thought to myself, should I drop before the deadline? LOL. But I came to my senses and realized I really shouldn’t. Community college is an entire world cheaper financially. Maybe by eight times???

I just bought my dissection kit, books, and parking permit, so I’ve forced myself to become committed now, lol.

I think my new goal will be to write shorter but more frequent blogs. Because I seem to write really long ones but that will cue my disappearance for weeks, and I really don’t like doing that :( *dusts off blog*

A very belated happy holidays from me! *sweatdrop*

I knew I hadn’t written for a while but I didn’t realize it had been two months since I last posted! About two months ago I started my internship and also at my job…those two things were stressing me out big time. The good news is I still am continuing both my internship and job (whoo-hoo for not being fired lol!), and I’m not as stressed as I used to be. It’s crazy that it really did take two months for me to not be so stressed out every night. My time at work, or at the internship is still stressful, but I don’t go home bummed out over what I did wrong, or still sulking over what somebody said to me all night.

So now that I’m a little more comfortable with those things, I’m trying to go back to studying for the OATs and my application for school. I cleaned up my desk (which means a lot when we’re talking about my desk. I love knick knacks so I have them all over my desk…I sacrificed boxing some of them and recycling a lot of papers to clear up some breathing room on my desk), in hopes that this will motivate me to sit here more and get some work done.

Since I wasn’t able to blog during all of the major holidays, here’s a summary of them!

Thanksgiving (Nov. 28, 2013) was another wonderful day of delicious food. As usual for the last few years, I made the stuffing, mashed potatoes, glazed butternut squash, gravy, and sweet potato casserole. My mom made the turkey – which was delish (tip: always bake it in an oven bag, and go for fresh & organic turkey). My family had a Thanksgiving lunch together, and then I went to my boyfriend’s family’s party for their Thanksgiving dinner (yep, I was a little too well-fed that day).

My Thanksgiving dinner plate

Black Friday was fun, too. I usually go with my boyfriend hunting for deals, but in all honesty, we never really find anything. It’s kind of just fun being out there with all those people. We got the real deals mostly online. Oh yes, I did a ton of online shopping. Got most of my gifts figured out from shopping as well. It wasn’t Black Friday in particular where I purchased most of my gifts, but it was more of the fact that on Black Friday I went out shopping and got a lot of gift ideas out of it.

Xmas tree @ the mall during Black Fri shopping

My 24th birthday passed on Dec. 22nd, and I’m at the point where I don’t really go around telling people “Hey it’s my birthday this weekend, and I’m turning __!” anymore. After 21, the years just seem like numbers to me, and I feel like time is a-wastin’. Haha. But I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend and my family so that was really nice. ^_^ We went out for dim sum for lunch as a family, and that night my boyfriend took me out for dinner and dessert. Has anyone ever tried chicken & waffles? A weird idea at first, but very delicious. :9

The day after my birthday we had a trip to San Diego, where my friend lives with her boyfriend (both are professional chefs). After a day FULL of eating out, we came back to their apartment for dinner and ate more food. They cooked a full dinner for us and dessert. It was pretty exciting since I had never got a chance to sample any dishes my friend made even though she finished culinary school already. Since one of my friends and I had our birthday the previous day, that night, my chef friend & her bf surprised us with massive chocolate mousse desserts (everyone else got cute, small ones in shot glasses for comparison). That was a nice surprise. 8-)

Chocolate Mousse w/ graham cracker crumbs, banana brulee, and marshmallow topping

I didn’t really do anything for Christmas, but for lunch I cooked pasta while my brother put a beef roast in the oven for our family to eat together, and then went to my boyfriend’s family’s party again for dinner. As you can tell, I did a heck of a lot of eating, and I should probably take it easy to lose some of the weight again. :p I really enjoyed seeing my mom open her gifts though <3

Beef roast and herb/tomato pasta


My Christmas Tree!


And finally for N.Y.E. and for New Year’s, I spent it with my friends, at one of my friend’s house. She hosted it especially since she was only visiting home for a little while before she went back to Japan to continue her teaching program. It was great seeing her and everyone else; a lot of good laughs were had. ^_^ It felt very strange going back to stress and work after everything being so eventful/fun, but here’s to a promising 2014!

Still working on my time management…sorry. T_T I should make a better effort…maybe going back to completing lists will help me get priorities straight? I love lists but I haven’t figured out which one works for me best (several phone apps, white boards, on paper, etc).

I’ve been making lots of random food lately! Spaghetti one day. Also made banana bread pudding and then banana bread/cake with cream cheese frosting. We had 6 super overripe bananas (think completely black peels) and I wanted to use them up somehow. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I made okonomiyaki (Japanese type of pancake)! It was scrumptious! Today we made California rolls! They taste soo much better than store-bought Cali rolls. I love actual raw sushi, but I don’t trust myself to make that at home. ;)

I finished all seasons of Genshiken the anime (love it!!!) and started watching Attack on Titan (super engaging). Grimm third season is started back up again and I hope to watch that soon! I was also one of those people who had never seen Star Wars either, so I finally watched 2 of the Star Wars movies already. I’m so glad I did; I finally get some of the popular references we all know about and the movies themselves are great! I don’t have to feel so out of the loop anymore! 8-) Can’t wait to finish it.

With less fun news, things are still shaky at my internship and at work…hopefully this week will prove to be better.

It’s been so long since I last updated or commented on fellow blogs that I love; that makes me sad! It’s not that I don’t have the time…I just need to figure out how to manage my time better!

I’m still helping out at the soup kitchen once every other week. Ever since my boyfriend came back from vacation (mid September), he’s been going with me so it’s much more fun with his company. ^_^ The head chef has gotten to know our faces pretty well, so she recognizes us each time. She said she’ll teach us how to do the actual cooking next time. @_@ I don’t know how I feel about that; I can cook at home, but under the guidance of the head chef…let’s just say I don’t wanna be the receiving end of the stick when I mess something up and she gets mad. Lol. *sweatdrop*

Still helping out at the Viet. cancer foundation once a week and sometimes on Sunday events. I don’t spend much time there, but it surprisingly all adds up, and I think any place would be happy to have free help regardless of how many hours.

What’s (kinda) new that I haven’t updated about are the other places I’ve been going to. I started my optometric internship at an optometry office about a month ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the thorough training I thought I would, and my internship hours are mostly during quiet hours (little to no patients), so I haven’t had much practice at all. The doctor has other interns who have been with her for at least some months, so they are pretty experienced. I could tell she was getting really irritated with the mistakes I’ve been making. She did talk to me at the end of one day, saying she shouldn’t be super hard on me because she forgets I’m new and she isn’t used to someone new…so that was helpful. I can still tell she’s irritated with my mistakes, but I hope I can become good at it really soon, despite the lack of real practice I’ve been getting. This other girl and I are the only two interns who are new right now, and she reports the same experiences as me, so I’m not alone at least.

I also started volunteering at another optometry office in late August. At first it was overwhelming, but I caught on to things quickly and it was pretty fun.

In between all of these free hours of labor, I was constantly searching for job ads and applying to jobs – as I expressed in past blog posts, I’ve been super concerned about getting some kind of income since I’ve never had a paying job and my funds are running out (I’ve got loans to pay, etc). Between all of this volunteering/interning and job searching and household stuff (cleaning/cooking) that’s all I really did most of my days.

And then things got a little complicated at the optometry office I was volunteering at…Only after a few weeks of being there, they started asking me if I was interested in employment there. That was pretty exciting, but unfortunately, they kind of baited me a bit? At first I was advised that they usually don’t hire people until months down the line of volunteer work first. But then they kept showing interest in me, and eventually asked me to come in more often before they would hire me. It upset me that I was working all of these hours for free with no real indication when I’d be hired. At one point they asked me to come in for a couple of full days before they would definitely hire me. I did the 9am – 6pm grind, but nothing came out of it…nobody said anything about making me official. Well, it turns out one of the managers was sick with food poisoning, so he kind of forgot about me and apologized. They told me they’d get me paperwork and yada yada. However, at that point I was still confused whether I was an employee or not! Nobody gave me any paperwork, I wasn’t clocking in my hours. I asked the other manager about it, and she said to me I was already officially an employee for a few days! When I told her I didn’t have any paperwork or anything, she was surprised and said I was supposed to have gotten that already!

So NOW, I’ve got most of the paperwork done and apparently I’ve already officially had a job for a few days. Hopefully they count my hours (I’ve written a log for them) and get me to clock in soon rather than recording hours…and hopefully I can catch on to learning everything fast, because it’s a super hectic and confusing environment. Fingers crossed.

But now that I finally am a bit more settled, I hope I can manage time better to go back to studying and doing other things like blogging and reading. ^_^