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I’m really sorry about that… there were some database issues that were seriously screwing up this site. My drafts were showing up as published posts, current blog posts were duplicated ridiculous amounts, and eventually the entire site was just broken. It really freaked me out, and those who know me well know that I CANNOT handle stress very well, lol. Since my posts were being duplicated a million times, I hope anybody subscribed didn’t get notifications for all of those. Really sorry about that. T_T

I went to the doctor today to check out that weird sickness I’ve been having. The doctor doesn’t know what it is, but says it’s a really strange virus. She says a lot of people have been coming in with the same thing for the last two weeks. Eek. I guess it’s going around. It’s really easy to spread because there are no real symptoms when you’re the most contagious. I just had a fever for three days, and then rashes all over afterwards. It was all over my face and spread downwards on my body. I hated it. It was extremely itchy when it came in, but after the rash showed up on my skin, it wouldn’t itch anymore. My face looked like I had a ton of acne everywhere.

I also got a blood test. I’m missing a few vaccinations for some reason and the only way to find out is through a blood test to see if I’m immune or not. To be honest with you, I’ve been really scared of doing blood work. But it really isn’t that bad at all, at least compared to what my mind has been hyping it up to be! My friend tells me shots hurt much more. lol. Is that true??? So I guess depending on how my immunity tests turn out, I’ll have to get some shots and I’ll get back to you on the pain. :p

A warm hello to anyone out there who may be reading this!

I have returned. *snuggles up against blog* *_* It has been a really, really long time. I apologize to anyone who may have wondered what was going on, or to anyone who was just trying to access my website. If you really want to know what was going on for the past SIX months :X then you can read up on my previous sickness with pneumonia and then about my host/server issues.

Besides that, Faded Out took an even longer hiatus than imagined because after my host lost all files, I realized I didn’t have a backup of my actual files (only my database), so I lost all my images and even when I tried to move hosts & reupload my website, the links seemed to be broken no matter what. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, and there was no way of reinstalling it to the way it used to be since my files are gone. My midterms and final exams really occupied my mind for the past few months, so I really didn’t feel like dealing with my website anymore especially when I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I was really upset T_T

However, I tried something new, yet simple, and it seemed to have worked! So I am very, very happy and I can’t believe my website is finally back to normal! Basically, everything was broken, but my pages and blog entries were still accessible in the back-end of the blog. So I took an actual backup of Faded Out, which happened to be a year ago and used that to reinstall my website. Then by hand I copied any blog entries or pages that have been written since a year ago and transferred them here. Slightly tedious but it was so much easier than the headache WordPress had been giving me if I hadn’t done so. There are a few downsides: I lost all comments (including guestbook entries, plug board links, etc) since 1 year ago and none of my blog entries have categories anymore. But, it is a small sacrifice and I am so glad almost everything is back in working order.

I missed this blog SO much. I have missed out on so much writing. Here’s hoping the future will go more smoothly.