A list of some movies I've seen. Click on the titles for a bit of my thoughts on each one and an outgoing link to the movie's respective page on IMDB for more info about the movie.

Top/Favorite Movies
American Beauty
I felt like this movie was so loaded. With all kinds of images and messages. I can't really explain it except that despite all of the disturbing and mature content, everything just kind of falls into the right place and the title "American Beauty" kind of just sums it all up. (IMDB)

Despicable Me
I loved this movie because it was filled with so much cuteness and adorable humor.

Favorite Scenes: 1) When the minions ask Gru for a kiss. 2) When the minions go out to buy Agnes a new toy and give it to her. (IMDB)

District 9
At first I was turned off by the slow pace of the beginning of the movie and the "documentary-like" feel of it, but later on when the story picks up and you realize the documentary style is only in short bits, it gets so much better. I enjoyed this movie a lot because it felt like it sort of depicted what our society would be like in the future if we let things spiral out of control. It touches upon government, discrimination, aliens!, etc. (IMDB)

Dodgeball just had me cracking up. It's one of those comedies that are worth re-watching. (IMDB)

This was probably one of my first favorite movies. I love movies that really make you think about the future. Despite the fantasy and future involved, it is all perfectly reasonable and possible. I liked how this movie made you appreciate what science has been able to achieve, but at the same time it makes you worry about how far is just too far. (IMDB)

Howl's Moving Castle
Somehow I went on for so long without watching this anime movie. It was magnificent. The personalities and appearances of everyone was just so pleasing or adorable! Every single character, even the villain, was likeable. (IMDB)

The Island
Quite similar to "Gattaca" in that they both deal with the future when genetic engineering and science are much more advanced & powerful. "The Island" focuses on a different aspect though; organ harvesting from clones. Challenges your ethics doesn't it? (IMDB)

Juno is most widely described as having very witty humor. It's witty, it's awkward, it's the type of movie I'd like. The witty writing makes this movie worth re-watching, especially if you don't catch all of the dialogue the first time. (IMDB)

This movie holds a special place in my heart, but not in the mushy kind of way. There was a competition among colleges to see who would get the most votes to bring a free advanced screening of Kick-Ass to campus. And you betcha, my college won an advanced screening! My friends and I were literally at the cut-off border for being let in because there weren't enough seats, AND we were stuck with bad seats too close to the screen.

Nevertheless, I loved the movie. The beginning was a bit off-putting because it seemed like a typical teen movie with perverted scenes. But if you keep watching, the movie becomes surprisingly serious, emotional, and there are some bad-ass scenes. (IMDB)

Mean Girls
Definitely a comedy that has a high score for re-watchability. It is a high school setting with jokes that are all kinds of mature, hilarious, and sexual content. This hilarious movie is known word for word and very highly quoted by people within my generation. (IMDB)

Million Dollar Baby
At first I wasn't sure how I'd like this movie since I'm not into boxing. However, although it's about a female boxer, it is about so much more too. Million Dollar Baby had me in tears. It was such a good movie. (IMDB)

Although not really one of the original Disney princesses, she's my favorite Disney princess in my book. I loved Mulan for its humor but also its touching story. Very empowering to females and it's not just about having a prince to save you. (IMDB)

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth was my first introduction to foreign films and it made me realize what I was missing out on. This movie is filled with so much sorrow, cruelty, creepiness, and tragedy but it also has a hint of innocence, magic, and hope. I have definitely watched this movie quite a number of times. (IMDB)

Pulp Fiction
A completely bizarre movie. But it's so unusual that I love it. It is definitely one of those original movies that will blow your mind. My favorite character is Mia Wallace, who is played by Uma Thurman. (IMDB)

P.S. I Love You
This was such a sad yet sweet movie. I really liked the story. (IMDB)

Return to Oz
"Return to Oz" takes place some time after "The Wizard of Oz." Except, it is nothing like the original movie. Everything is much, much darker and it's definitely not for children. I love movies that beautifully take a dark spin on classics. (IMDB)

The Silence of the Lambs
This is one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever watched. It's not so much one of those monsters jumping out at you type of movies, but a real psychological thriller that scares you because you know there are actually real sick people in the world. (IMDB)

It surprisingly made me tear up a bit in the beginning and end of the movie. This movie is certainly for both the adults and children. It's simple and cute enough for children to watch, but contains a lot of meaning for the adults as well. And of course, the cute humor is for everyone. (IMDB)

Favorite Quotes: "I hid under your porch because I love you," by Dug. "Hello, I have just met you and I love you," by Dug.

Wall-e is such an adorable movie. It's perfect for the kids, but at the same time it can be an adult movie too because it tackles things such as environmental issues, dependence on technology, and obesity. (IMDB)

I am a bit partial to "Watchmen" because I read the graphic novel in my writing class in college. Reading the graphic novel and then coincidentally waiting for the movie to come out soon after definitely enhanced my experience. I definitely recommend reading it first since the movie couldn't touch upon all details. "Watchmen" is very violent and dark; it is not the typical "superhero" movie that it was marketed and expected to be. It goes against the typical superhero movie. That is something very important to keep in mind while watching this movie. I believe this is the reason why it didn't get the attention it deserved. (IMDB)

Other Watched Movies
This movie had such a huge hype when it first came out. I think that ruined the experience for me. However, in my opinion it was a good movie. Good, but nothing amazing nor original. If anyone has ever watched it, just give the movie a second thought when I mention the story of "Pochahontas." Worth watching because of the entertainment factor and beautiful scenes, but nothing amazing. (IMDB)

Before Sunset
One of the worst movies I have ever watched. I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm missing something. But this movie was just horrible and the most boring I've ever sat through. My friend wanted to call it quits after a short time into the movie, but I really wanted to give it a chance and made us watch it through until the very end. I regret watching my time. These two main characters spend 80 minutes talking. TALKING. About absolutely nothing that interests me! UGH. (IMDB)

Black Swan
I didn't like how the movie tried to be part "horror" movie. You know what I'm talking about if you watched it; the scary music and scenes that jump out at you, meant to startle you like a horror movie. However, the movie overall was really entertaining and a bit disturbing in a good way. (IMDB)

Children of Men
The concept of the movie is very intriguing; what if humans became infertile and no more children were born? It is definitely worth watching. However, I didn't find this movie ground-breaking besides it's initial concept. The movie itself felt like just another thriller with violence and guns. I wish there had been more in this movie; it could have done so much more. (IMDB)

Cinderella (Korean Horror)
I actually liked this movie for what it was, a drama/mystery/horror. It is not ground-breaking, but it had a hint of scariness and a story for once. I am not a fan of the typical horror movie with no plot. "Cinderella" probably has an inappropriate movie title since it is not really about the fairytale whatsoever, but I think it was a pretty good movie for what it was. (IMDB)

City of God
Violence and sexuality. I feel like that's the bulk of this movie. I think it was more appealing to the male sex because it was a "good" or "okay" movie, but it seems to be rated extremely and freaking high. That was the only reason why I watched this movie; it had such high ratings that I wanted to give it a try. (IMDB)

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko is such a strange film and you will either love or hate it for that. I think I am towards the "love" end of the spectrum. I think everyone should watch this movie to find out which side they're on. (IMDB)

The Departed
A movie that leaves you feeling bitter, but every step of the way was action and suspense-filled. The characters were great. I would definitely watch this one again. (IMDB)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I really liked this movie. It's a story full of dark secrets. I'm quite partial to the main character (the title of this movie!). The more than 2 1/2 hours are definitely worth watching. (IMDB)

How to Train Your Dragon
The dragon is SOOO adorable! I came in with low expectations, but it was quite a good movie. (IMDB)

The Hunger Games
I read the book series the previous year, so I was extremely excited for this movie. For me, it did not disappoint. They made changes that were necessary to adapt the book into a movie. It's full of suspense and action. There was one minor thing that bothered me, but besides that the changes made were understandable and the actors were just perfect in making the book come to life. (IMDB)

"Inception" was just over-hyped. If it wasn't, it would have been phenomenal for me. Since I don't like following the crowds into watching movies right when they come out, I went through a few weeks of "It was MIND-BLOWING!" and "I just got MIND-F**KED!" etc. It really wasn't THAT insane. But it was certainly a great movie with a story that definitely needs to be rewatched in order to understand it better. (IMDB)

The Kids Are All Right
A bittersweet movie. People do crazy things sometimes, and you just will never be able to understand them. That line pretty much sums up how you are left feeling after watching it. The story is about two lesbian women who are married and each have a baby by the same sperm donor. These children grow up to meet the sperm donor and bringing him into their lives changes everything. (IMDB)

Let the Right One In
This is what I call a real vampire movie. Not that sparkly vampire crap. A foreign film that is very dark but beautiful. "How much can love forgive?" (IMDB)

This movie is not for the faint of heart. It left me feeling sick, but that is the very reason why I give this movie a thumbs up. It evokes so much emotion from you and has the power to make you feel sick to your stomach. It really gets you thinking about what really happened. It is from the perspective of a sick man, so should you believe everything you see? Who is at fault? (IMDB)

Terrific, terrific movie! You will be left feeling confused from scene 1 until the very end! It is truly mind-boggling and keeps you engaged until the very end...even past that. (IMDB)

My Sister's Keeper
No thumbs up for this movie because it just didn't do the book justice. There is a HUGE discrepancy between the book's ending and the movie's ending. I cried so hard from the book. However, I can understand why the movie's ending was the way it was in order to appeal to the masses. (IMDB)

It was a terrible indie movie with an obviously low budget. But why does it have a special place in my heart? I think it was just so awkward that you just have to keep watching. So that you can look at your friend and say to each other, "OMG, really?" (IMDB)

Princess Mononoke
I like the meaningful message about the environment and ecology. But to be honest with you, I didn't like the ending nor was I fully entertained by watching the whole thing. I wouldn't watch it again. (IMDB)

Running With Scissors
I did not like this movie. It is based upon a book and the title of the movie seemed really intriguing, so I gave it a try. To me it came out to be just boring and awkward. Not enjoyable. (IMDB)

S. Darko
The sequel for "Donnie Darko." I'll admit that it was sort of a bad movie compared to what "Donnie Darko" was. However, it was still worth watching because it was the sequel. I gave it some leeway due to the fact that nothing will ever be the same as "Donnie Darko," a very strange and unique film. The music was great, at least. (IMDB)

The Sixth Sense

Shutter Island
Has a few scary moments, but is NOT a horror/scary movie. For some reason I was led to believe it was a horror movie. I think it was marketed the wrong way and hyped up incorrectly. When I finally got to watch it, I loved the film. It is exactly the type of film that I love. Psychological thrillers. And it leaves you feel so very bittersweet. Definitely requires multiple watchings to catch all of the little things you didn't see before. (IMDB)

Spirited Away
This was the first anime movie I ever watched, and I'm glad it was. (IMDB)