Make Your Own Star Paper

(Note: I am not making a tutorial for how to actually make lucky stars because there are plenty on the web. Here's one I recommend since it's easy to understand.)

For those who are too cheap (Ha, it's alright. Be proud) or cannot purchase star paper, you can make your own! Granted, it does take more time and effort than just purchasing star papers.

Now, it's time to choose your paper.

Option 1: Lined Paper

Notebook or loose leaf papers work very well because they already have lines on them. It saves you the trouble of measuring and tracing. Instead, you can just cut along the lines. Downside: you'll have to draw on or color the strips or else they'll be plain, unless you buy colored lined paper.

Here's a suggestion: you can create striped strips. Use a marker and draw a smooth line down the center strip. Then fill in the sides with another color.

Option 2: Printer Paper or Construction Paper

Printer paper is cool because it is thicker than notebook paper and it is possible to print designs on them (although this will waste ink). Construction paper is great because you can choose colors.

Option 3: Wrapping paper, magazines etc.

Stuff like wrapping paper is great because there are lots of beautiful designs. Magazines can be good as well, since they are usually glossy. Downside: you'll have to draw your own lines.

If you decide to go for option 1 or 2, you can save yourself the tracing and measuring by printing this onto your paper.

Whether you use option 1, 2, or 3 you will need to cut the paper. You can use scissors, but you'll need to be as precise as possible. It can get tiring. A better option would be using a paper slicer. If you do not have a paper slicer, it may be expensive to buy one (the good ones are $100 and up). The best tool I recommend is an X-Acto Knife. It's extremely cheap and very useful.

If you decide to use an X-Acto Knife, make sure you place sturdy cardboard or wood under the paper you are cutting. Don't want any damanged furnature or sliced fingers! Line a ruler along the line and run the X-Acto knife along it. It should cleanly cut a strip of paper. Much faster and more accurate than scissors.

Hope I helped! Have fun making those stars. And if you found this helpful, please leave a little note in my guestbook :)