03/09/14: Merged all the “Me” links into one page (onto the about me page). Got rid of some links.

7/19/13: Switched up the banner and colors of this blog a bit. It’s been a year of summer colors and I am ready to look at more toned down colors on my blogĀ  :p

7/29/12: Added a music player to my music page. It has 50 songs that I like ^_^

6/25/12: New layout, kept a similar color scheme; I call it “Fun Under the Sun!” Faded Out is back from a month-long slumber!

4/22/12: New articles: Tips for college-bound seniors, and Prom tips for the girls/ladies. Updated/edited article: How to save money on textbooks.

4/13/12: I am now using IntenseDebate as my commenting system. I think the features are great, and now there is threaded commenting, so it’ll be easier to reply to comments. New poll is up. New article for Tips for Success in School.

4/1/12: Project 365 is over because my camera was lost & stolen. On another note, I put up a new article: 45 date ideas.

2/5/12: I started on January 1st but failed to officially mention it. I am attempting Project 365, where I take a picture every day. But beyond that, I will post each picture on my blog with some text as well. So this is a big project for me because not only am I taking pictures everyday, I am blogging everyday as well. I’m proud to say it’s been more than a month and I am still going strong, even when I had food poisoning for a weekend. I attempted Project 365 in high school but failed after I caught the flu, lol. Here’s hoping this project will bring lots of memories and updates.

8/25/11: TONS of updates.

  • Combined tutorials with articles on one page. AND reuploaded all of the pictures that were broken after the server failure & host switching.
  • Added a Poll page!
  • Added this somewhat automatic “Updates” box in my sidebar. Believe it or not, it took forever to figure out…long story, I’ll probably write a tutorial someday.
  • Fixed the broken images in collections.
  • I fixed up Somewhere Within, my writings site. It is back up again, functional, and I changed the header image. After the server failure and moving of hosts, I never had the motivation to put it back up, but today I felt very productive ^_^
  • Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my “Joined Fanlistings” because I tried restoring it today, but I realized that I don’t have the backed up database anymore. I just don’t have the drive to re-add and re-join all those fanlistings again. T_T
  • On a brighter note, I added a new chatroom! It looks a lot nicer, and I have posted my scheduled, weekly chat time ^3^
  • Edited & added a bit to my entertainment page.
  • Fixed a plugin so that now my reading page is up.
  • Using a different script now so that the Plug Board finally works!
  • Uploaded all of the smilies to Photobucket instead of ImageShack so that there won’t be anymore unreliable, broken images.
  • Added a to-do list!

7/18/11: I added movies to my entertainment page!

6/15/11: I am so happy to be back in full force! I changed the home/index page a bit. I decided it was finally time to have more than just one entry on the front page. The reason why I never did it before was because I didn’t like how long the front page would be since all of my entries are usually very wordy and long *sweatdrop* . But I finally figured out how keep the latest entry with full text and the rest with only excerpts! Ever since all the trouble Faded Out has been through, almost everything is fixed with a few things here and there. Hopefully everything will be back 100% again ^_^

1/2/11: Linked up a few posts I had forgotten about on the tutorials and articles page; should have done that earlier. Added a new joined fanlistings page! I also forgot to mention, there is now a new feature on this site and it is called Mind Pop. In terms of affiliates, still seeking new ones as always. I had to delete Angela (owner of make-it-blue.com) from my affiliates because it’s been months (maybe half a year?) since she has updated or returned comments and her site is no longer available. I don’t know what’s happened to her, but I hope she’s doing okay.

1/1/11: Decided to add this simple list of updates to the site. An easier way to keep visitors updated, in the event that somebody actually visits me often to see if I’ve changed or added anything. ^_^ You can find a link to this page in the link bar at the top.