Today is the death anniversary of our beloved cockatiel named Chubs. He lived to be 12 years old and I raised him since he was a month old.

Chubs and me in June 2007

We loved the little bugger dearly. My mom said she cried for a week straight after he passed on. I still have my heartstrings being pulled and get tears in my eyes when I think of him even today.

I had remembered my floofy boy had passed away during March of last year, but I didn’t know it was exactly today until my mom had told me today. She said she remembered because she had written it down. It’s so touching that she wanted to remember the exact day. In a lot of Asian cultures, we celebrate death anniversaries, where we honor and remember the day a loved one passed away.

Even though it has been a year, I still talk about him fairly frequently and I keep telling my boyfriend I wish he could have met him.

He was such a cute, weird, and smart little guy.

I love you, Chubs, and I miss you lots.

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