Today was my day off and I had such a relaxing and fun day by myself.

Started off the morning right with an epic 40min glutes workout. I’m always surprised by how much I sweat because I don’t expect to while I’m previewing the workout. I normally don’t do morning workouts even on my days off but I decided to today so that I could shower before my laser hair removal appointment in the late morning (you can’t sweat or shower using hot water after the treatment until the next day).

The laser hair removal appointment was SO fast (I was in and out the door in almost 5 minutes)!

Since I was already in the area, I went to the food court next door to eat a couple of filling onigiri (meat-filled rice balls). Definitely hit the spot.

By the time it was starting to warm up (summer is definitely here now), I walked down the plaza to a cafe and had the most delicious iced strawberry matcha drink. It was fun sitting by myself at the bar to people watch, browse my phone, and spend some time reading on my Kindle.

Afterwards, I drove to the mall to enjoy the luxurious air-conditioning and went shopping! Found some great clearance stuff and spent $20 for 4 items haha. It’s always nice being able to take your time browsing on a hot day when you’re trying to avoid the heat in your old house (we have no A/C).

Then I headed over to my 2 favorite grocery stores – Trader Joe’s and Aldi – to buy some snacks and ingredients to cook for next week (I like to cook in bulk at the start of my week).

Once I got home it started to cool down inside the house, so it was a pretty pleasant temperature to do some chores and relax at home while listening to my audiobook.

What an awesome day. So simple but totally needed. And nice that I was able to enjoy it on my own. Sometimes you just need some me-time and time away from friends, significant others, family, etc. It’s good to be able to enjoy quality time with people you treasure, including yourself!

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